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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Quick Bar Project Walk Through (~90% Complete)

The project isn't done yet but we have used the space a few times because it is functional.  We took all the plastic off everything and cleaned it up for our daughters birthday a few months ago and just haven't wanted to get it all messy again with drywall dust.  Finishing up the drywall work and painting the top half of the walls are the last major tasks in this project.  There are a few dozen little punch list items but nobody would know about them but us.

Here are some pictures of what it looks like right now.

Still have to finish mudding that back wall and side wall near the sconces

Ended up moving those pub tables due to how cramped it is. Going to put in
a standing bar shelf on that wall under the sconces.

Upper and Lower Cabinets Stained and Poly'd

In this pic you can see we moved the pub tables to try them out. really like them
over there... except we had originally planned some oversized chairs there.

In this pic you can see the Red Wall on the right. We decided to do all the
walls this color instead of our original faux idea. Just more rich and warm.

This is the color we are going to do throughout the bar

Bar Project Series #17: Stained Cabinets, Doors and Drawers

Wow!!! Way over due for an update... :-(

This work was actually done back in March/April but we hadn't posted the progress or pics.  Sadly we haven't done any work down there since then.  We have worked on a few other projects but have been trying to enjoy the summer while we can.  So lots of time at the pool and a few trips. :-)

Worked Accomplished:

Lower Cabinets
-Sanded Lower Cabinets
-Applied Pre-stain Conditioner
-Stained with 2 Coats of MinWax Jacobean Stain
-Added 2 Coats of Semi-Gloss Poly

Upper Cabinets
-Sanded Upper Cabinets and Bridge
-Applied Pre-stain Conditioner
-Stained with 2 Coats of MinWax Jacobean Stain
-Added 2 Coats of Semi-Gloss Poly (Purchased the Spray Can Version... Worked Really Well, especially being up on the wall and having to balance on a ladder and get in all the grooves on the bridge crown molding)

Door and Drawer Fronts
-Sanded Cabinets Doors and Drawers
-Applied Pre-stain Conditioner
-Stained with 2 Coats of MinWax Jacobean Stain
-Added 2 Coats of Semi-Gloss Poly (Used Spray on Poly)
-Added Pulls to drawers and doors
*Purchased the rubber bumpers to go inside doors and drawers but haven't put them on yet
** Full Disclosure: We have 8 more to do because we couldn't fit all the doors and drawers on our temporary work surface (an 4x8 sheet of plywood on saw horses)

Lessons Learned:
-While staining the doors and drawers on a flat surface it was tough not getting some drips and a bit of discoloration on the edges of the doors and drawers. Will need to look up some solutions for this but for the most part you can't see the imperfections.
-Although we really liked the spray on poly, it seemed as if we had more of an issue with bumps and debris getting on the surface.  Going to research and see if it can be buffed smooth without scratching the poly. We may just have to sand it down and add another coat.

This is the Spray Poly we used on uppers and doors

Starting Staining Lower Cabinets

Added Pre-stain Conditioner to Uppers

After First Coat of Stain

After 2 Coats of Stain and 1 Coat Poly (Still Wet)

Applying first coat of stain on doors