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Other Appliances

We are getting the GE Profile Stainless Steel appliances through RH but this page is a list of the other appliances that do not come with the house.  Some of these we will need right away and others over time.



Samsung  28.0 cu. ft. Bottom-Freezer (French Door) Refrigerator with 4 Doors
Model#   RF4289HARS

Clean Lines
Looks Pretty Big

Spacious and Everything at Eye Level


Water Softener:

Kenmore Elite Hybrid Water Softener 
Model#   38520

We have really hard water where we live and our appliances, sinks and bathroom fixtures really take a beating.  This is a must have for our area.  We also filter all our water using the Brita system.  We have a full sized Brita Cooler (like a Sparkletts cooler), Pitchers and Sports Bottles. This is a bit of a pain to maintain and refill all these things and I really don't like the units that attach to your faucets.  Hopefully we can improve the aesthetics of our water with this system (it uses a carbon filter just like Brita).

NOTE: We got the rough in for this. We had another home owner tell us that if you were getting a finished basement, you would not be able to do this after the fact.  We had originally taken this off our wish list until we heard that.  Thanks goodness.

Hybrid Water Softener/Whole Home Filter



Kenmore Elite 70-pint Dehumidifier with Built-In Pump and Remote Monitoring  ENERGY STAR® 
Model#   90701

Our PM was telling us about the ridiculous amount of water our house will lose over the first few years.  I used to work construction in Vegas (a very dry climate), so this wasn't as big of an issue.  Between wood holding moisture anyway, our area of the world being wet, and the fact that they don't dry out the house before sheet rocking it...we will definitely need one of these.  This unit has a 15-pint bucket and a drain hose connection (which would mean it would have to be emptied 5 times per day, based on it's capacity without the drain).  I've had units without the drain hose connection and there were times you would have to dump them a few times a day.  No thanks. I'm going to place this at the floor drain for the Water Heater and HVAC system in the basement.

70-pint per day Dehumidifier


Sump Pump Back Up:

Still researching these but looking at one of these brands and configurations.

Watch Dog

Garage Door Openers:

Craftsman  AssureLink™ Internet DC Belt Drive Garage Door Opener w/DieHard® Battery Backup
Model#  3043

These are Belt Driven versus Chain Driven, so much quieter.  They are WiFi Enabled so you can check the status of the units and even open and close them from an iPhone App.  I really like this feature.  How many times have you gotten down the road and realized you may not have closed your garage door.  Also, a battery back up for power outages.

Craftsman AssureLink Garage Door Opener


Deep Freezer:

We had a dedicated circuit added to our garage for this.  In the past we've had an extra refrigerator (which will probably go in the basement) but not a dedicated freezer.  This fact has kept us from buying at the Bulk Discount Stores.  Actually due to a lack of overall sqft we don't shop there at all.  We just don't have the room for bulk goods, even paper products.

Still doing research on these and trying to determine how much room we really want/need.


Security System:

We didn't go with Guardian due to Philosophical Business Differences.  As a customer I think a business should provide basic things like...showing up, customer service, reasonable prices, flexibility in product offerings.  I know, I know, I'm picky but there you have it.  Besides my insurance company has a deal with ADT that makes both their monitoring and equipment significantly cheaper than Guardian.  ADT has a wireless system, so putting it in during construction isn't as big of a deal but I'm also installing a PVC pipe from the basement to the attic, so running low voltage wires shouldn't be that difficult.

ADT has Security, Fire, Carbon Monoxide, Moisture Detection (for basement), Remote Thermostat Control and Remote Light Access (basically you can turn lights on and off).  I was already thinking about the Remote Thermostat control but if I can get this all in one App instead of a bunch of Apps/Websites/Programs I would rather do that.  One stop shop for to control your house.


Robotic Hardwood Floor Cleaner:

The iRobot Mint is pretty amazing and so worth it.  I need one of these in my life.


TV's and Entertainment:

This is on the horizon, especially when we finish the media room.  May not be on the scan for a while.  Too many things to buy.


  1. Nice picks. It really amazes me sometimes how much we'll be spending on all the things needed for a new home. On my shopping list is the sump backup, garage door opener (your model choice is on my short list) and security system. I agree with your thoughts on Guardian 110%-what an awful company.

    We purchased our deep freezer a couple of years ago on a whim (found a great deal). Now we value it much more than we thought we would - it's worked out to be a worthy investment.

    1. Agree. We were talking about the same thing. Now we spend most of our time out of our house because it is too small and cramped. In the future we will spend all of our time doing projects around the house and enjoying all of our new living spaces. Not sure we are going to save any money this way but I think it will be a nice change of pace.