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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Interior Painting and Decor

Although we had paid for the paint package, we couldn't wait to get some color on our walls.  Not to mention they use flat paint and it shows all scuffs and marks and doesn't wash off.  Once the 10 month service visit was done and most of the nail pops were fixed, we took advantage of the first 40% off Sherwin Williams sale that occurred and bought paint for most of the house.

Rooms we still have to paint:
- Foyer (We are thinking about doing the Resort Tan we used in the Dinette)
- Great Room (Family Room) Same paint as above
- Master Bedroom (We purchased Sherwin Williams High Tea - Color Swatch below)
- Guest Bedroom and Bath (Not sure on this yet)
- Bar/Game Room and Adjoining Bath when we build this space (Similar colors as Media Room)

Here are some pictures of the rooms we painted and some of the additional decor we added at the end of the post.

Formal Living Room

Before Picture of Living Room - Paint Sherwin Williams Pavilion Beige in Flat

After Picture of Formal Living Room.
Sherwin Williams Baguette in Duration Matte

Formal Dining Room

Before Picture of Formal Dining Room.
Sherwin Williams Pavilion Beige in Flat

Cutting in with new paint in Formal Dining Room.

After Picture of Formal Dining Room.
Sherwin Williams Sanderling in Duration Matte
(This is one shade darker than the Pavilion Beige)


Before Picture of Kitchen and Dinette
Sherwin Williams Pavilion Beige in Flat

Another Before Picture of Kitchen and Dinette
Sherwin Williams Pavilion Beige in Flat

After Picture of Kitchen and Dinnette
Sherwin Williams Pier in Duration Matte (Kitchen)
Sherwin Williams Resort Tan in Duration Matte (Dinette)

Butler Pantry

After Picture of Butler Pantry.
Sherwin Williams Pier in Duration Matte.
The Dining room on the other side had not been painted yet.

Powder Room

Before Picture Powder Room.
Sherwin Williams Pavilion Beige in Flat

Another Before Picture of Powder Room.

After Picture of Powder Room.
Sherwin Williams Retreat in Duration Matte.

Will have to take better pictures without all the sun
washing out the color.


Before Picture of Study.
Sherwin Williams Pavilion Beige in Flat

Another Before Picture of Study (blurry... sorry)

After Picture of Study.
Sherwin Williams Quiver Tan in Duration Matte.

Master Bath Room

Before Picture of Master Bath.
Sherwin Williams Pavilion Beige in Flat

After Picture of Master Bath.
Sherwin Williams Best Bronze in Duration Matte

Son's Bedroom

Before Picture of Son's Bedroom (Now 5... this decor was from when he was 2 1/2)
Sherwin Williams Pavilion Beige in Flat

After Picture.
Ohio State Colors Behr Ultra Paint (Home Depot)

Hand painted football field with strips. Stenciled yardage numbers.
Hand painted football helmet strips around room.
Used Fathead Ohio State logo decals for the walls

Loving his new room in his Ohio State Jersey and Football Pants.

Miscellaneous Decor

 -- Master Bedroom

Added couch to end of bed. We had been looking for a bench but ended up
liking this much more.  Pier One, our dear friends.

Got the beaded pillow at Arhaus.  The throw and other pillow from Pier One.

Trying to tie in the couch and other decor items.

Added the picture on the far wall.  We have paint for this room but haven't
painted it yet.  It is a dark brown with a hint of goldish green.
It's from Sherwin Williams and is called High Tea in Duration Matte.
Were really looking forward to seeing it and think it will really pull
everything together.

This is the paint color we have for our Master Bedroom.

-- Family Room

 -- Dinette

 -- Study

 -- Foyer

 -- Formal Dining Room


  1. Thanks for sharing. I wish our RH offered even a paint package. They don't. :-( Question, I just started a blog on the new house process with RH. When I go to google it , it doesn't show up. How do you ensure your blog shows up in a google search when typing Ryan Homes? Thanks!

    1. Hi Meghan, let me chime in also. My title is Savoy Ryan Home. When you type that it is the very first thing that comes up in google. IDK why though, it may be the heading. I dont think there are too many savoy's out there as far as the definition i the name. so try something really unique.

  2. There are some settings in your blog but what I found was that as certain key words were used on my blog (over and over) it started scoring better on site searches and started showing up on the first page and not on the 3rd or 4th page.

  3. HATE YOUR HOUSE!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME, ITS MY ALL TIME FAV, ITS SO ELEGANT, IM IN LOVE!! You have so much space an character is simply amazing. HGTV quaility.
    Where did you get the "take off" pic? I relates to our family and I want it!!

    thanks for sharing its amazing, the columns are fantastic love love.

    1. Thanks so much... in regards to the picture. It was a clearance item from the Kroger near us. They were getting rid of all their furnishings and décor.

    2. Bummer about the picture for me :(. Its unique! Thanks for getting back to me.

  4. Thanks for the search engine tips. I have flooring appt next week. Looking for dark floors too. Were they an upgrade? I just started a blog building our Ravenna! Follow us at :

    1. Good luck with your flooring appt. You can spend a lot of money really fast. I wrote a blog post about our flooring journey. We actually paid for the B flooring (hardwoods) but ended up with something much better than that.


    1. Thanks and congrats on your build. Of all the models Ryan offered when we started this journey, we really liked the Highgrove the best. It's a stunning floor plan and continues to delight us. Good luck on your build.

  6. Your house is absolutely gorgeous! I love the choice of paint colors. You posted this at the perfect time. I have paint swatches taped to all of my walls. I am struggling with finalizing my color choices. I was afraid that I was going to dark, but your colors are very similar and I LOVE them! :-)

    1. Thanks, glad we could help. Looking forward to seeing what colors you choose.