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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 28: HVAC, Roofing and Garage Doors

First off, this would be Day 8 of framing but they didn't actually come in and finish the job.  The basement wasn't finished and the punch list the PM made hasn't been worked through.  I think having the HVAC guess here through them off, so they are all over on a house behind me.  Hopefully they will be back soon to finish up.

Lots going on today.  HVAC, Roofers, Garage Door installer and some door handles.  We should see the plumbers this week, hopefully a finished roof (if weather allows for it) and electricians late this week or next week. 

They put plastic tarps over our oak stairs just in case the roofers don't get shingles on before it rains.  There are Roof Vents all the way across the ridge of our roof.  Basically like keeping the window part of the way down in your car during a down poor.  Our house is finally getting aired out, I would really hate to get more water inside.  They hooked up the sump pump again and it has flooded the entire side of our yard.  A real mess.  I can't believe how much water was down there.

Finished the roof returns

The framers finished the roof returns last night and the roofers started putting down tar paper this evening.

Pic with Gable Returns and Roofing started

Returns over Garage Gable

Returns over Foyer Gable

Roofing Started

Fixed ridge in roof

One of the ridges on our roof was really messed up.  I've really been trying hard to be a spectator of the process and not get in the way.  I have every confidence in our PM and nearly everything I've noticed has been caught and corrected.  There have been a few, like the pictures below where I was worried they wouldn't get fixed in time for the next trade.  I figured they were going to start roofing today (which they did), and if this wasn't fixed, it would be too late.  I went against my own goal and sent him a text this morning.  He hadn't seen it.  In all fairness it is over 25ft off the ground and if it weren't for my telephoto lens, I may not have seen how bad it was.  He got his framers on it right away, and although it isn't pretty, it will give us a straight(er) roof.

Roof Line - BEFORE

Roof Line - AFTER

HVAC Started

Lots of things happening with this crew.  Dryer vents, bathroom fans and vents, heating/air ducts, etc.  Oh and that Tree House is our 2nd Furnace for the upstairs.  All our previous houses have been lopsided with hot/cold air distribution.  There is always one floor or side of the house that is uncomfortable no matter what you do.  This I hope, will solve that problem.

No this is not something out of a Spiderman's our duct work.

Random vents popping up everywhere.

Air Return

Dryer Vent on the Correct Side
Our Current House is Plumbed Backward and
we have Front Load W/D. A Major Pain!

Garage Doors Installed

I just pulled the single car down to get a look at it because there were people still working.  The iron handles and hinges haven't been installed yet.  Some of this is installed on the 2 car portion.

Carriage Style Doors

Door handles

One step closer to being locked out of our house.

Handle on Garage Door

Handle on Front Door
This is not the one we picked out. This was overlooked
during the Pre-Con meeting. Hopefully this is just
a temporary knob until the other one comes in.

An attic access.  Was wondering when we would see/get one of these.

Attic Access


  1. Those guys really work quickly its amazing how many different things can get started in a day nice job with the roof picture that camera is worth its weight in gold after that pic!

    1. I've been waiting for things to slow down, I figured there has to be a lull at some point but not yet. I guess it's a race to the end.

      I do actually see more after I download and look at the pictures. I just snap away looking for good shots but every once in a while I catch something like this and go Huhhh...

  2. Good thing you caught that wonky roof line! That looked pretty bad. Looks better now and shingled over, will look just fine. Don't worry about being a spectator or getting in the way. I certainly don't. With the amount of money we are spending on these homes, we have every right to expect quality workmanship and to let them know when that's not happening.

    1. I agree, I think they doctored it up well enough to look Ok once the tar paper and shingles go on.

      Part of the spectator in me says that not only am I aping for the house, I'm paying for the experience. I get to be PM at work, I don't want to do that on my house too. So I'm trying to be as hands off as possible. But we are spending a lot of money and I want it to be right too. So, finding balance has been the challenge.

  3. I liked the tree house. The house is coming along so fast. It is crazy to think back to when this was started. I know they say 100 days to build a house but when you think back to the pile of dirt and now this, this is awesome.

    1. I know! I figured this would be how it goes too. We are too close to it, so we are partially unaware of the time space continuum. I remember looking other peoples builds and thinking WOW, their house is going up sooo fast. Now I'm bi-polar, sometimes thinking, "Why is taking so long!" and "Holy Smokes, things are going so fast." It's just a surreal experience. An "E" ticket ride that almost costs as much as a family trip to Disney World.

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