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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 38: Electrical Started, Cable Finished and Framing Continues

More Framing:

The framers nearly finished the interior framing yesterday (Friday, May 24th).  They still have to finish the exterior punch list before we can start bricking.  We may also need to pass our framing inspection too.  It wouldn't make sense to start bricking if we had to make framing changes.

Here are some pictures.

Framed out worst placed column ever... :(
Right in the middle of our finished basement.
Structural support isn't that important...right?

I had not seen pictures of the basements stairs in a
Highgrove.  For those that are they are.

Looking down the basement stairs. There was
some question on how to finish the ceiling here.
Either sloped or squared off. The clearance
would be the same either way.

This is how the sofit in the basement ended up.
It's wider and not as tight I as I would have liked
but it works.

Another shot of the basement sofit

Basement windows finally installed

Other basement window (not counting the egress)

This is the space below the fireplace. They
normally sheet rock over this but we wanted
to put a pantry there for our basement kitchenette.

That cut out up there is to change the furnace filters

Egress window installed

Electric Company:

The electric company was out and filled the trench for the power lines.

This seems like a waste of time. The Cable, Telco and Gas Company
will still have to dig a trench here to run their utilities.

Cable Rough-ins:

I also got a few pictures of the final cable installation.  Not sure when the service panel in the basement will be installed.  It's on the unfinished side of the wall, so I guess it doesn't really matter.  They can do it when they come back to install the jacks after sheet rock.

Cable and Telco come into my house in the kitchen behind one of my cabinets

Close up shot. Then it goes straight down to the basement and over to
the future site of an service panel. Then everything goes out from there.

This is where the cable comes down from the kitechen

Here is where I had them put the service panel.

Electrical Rough-ins:

The electricians started today.  They only worked on our house for 3-4 hours but nearly finished the rough-ins.  The foreman said they would only have a few hours of work to do on Monday (May 27, 2103) and will be ready for inspection.  We didn't get the call from the sub like we were supposed to.  Luckily I was able to catch a few things before they started them but unfortunately there were a few they had already put in.  The foreman asked if I could meet him Monday to go over them and he would fix them.  I wrote down all the things I noted and will follow up with him Monday after he has finished the job.  Probably 3/4 or more of the things I noted will probably be taken care of as he does his walk around and QA check.  The foreman was working too, so couldn't supervise while he worked.

What I saw when I walked in. Wires everywhere.
Here you can see some the Garage Outlets I had put in at about 42" high.

More wires everywhere...

May I have another Can Light please?

The Can Light on the left is attached to that vent. I'm afraid it will make
a humming sound when air is coming out that vent. Would like to fix this.

Vanity light rough-in above Powder Sink. Some of these are plastic while
others are metal.  Not sure why.

They still need to strip off the wire coating and tuck the wires in the box
until after sheet rock.

2 of the 4 extra Can Lights in Master Bedroom

Included Can Lights above Soaking Tub...
Notice Vanity on the Left has a Metal Fixture while the Vanity on the right
has a plastic fixture.  It might have to do with whether or not the fixture is
acting as a junction box to feed other receptacles.

This is where Power comes in the house and where our Service Panel will be.
Once again, another impediment to my Media Room. I just can't catch a break.

Guess it's a good thing we have such a large
sofit here.

Garage Coach Light (Right Side)

Power Meter

Garage Coach Light (Left Side)

There will not be anyone working on the house Sunday, May 26, 2103 but the Electricians are coming in Monday although it is Memorial Day.


  1. I'm impressed they worked on a holiday weekend at all. You guys will be in your new home before Labor Day, start planning your holiday bbqs, so exciting.

    1. I was really thinking it was going to take 3 to 5 days to wire this house. I can't believe how quick they got it done. I think the incentive was that if they didn't they were going to have to work Sunday.

      We have to be in before August 1st. If we don't close in July, my spouse is going to literally strangle someone. I'm hoping to be somewhat settled in and have a deck built by Labor Day. So a BBQ is not out of the question. I think that is the last weekend our pool will be open too.

    2. I understand the strangle part, we should have broken ground three months ago. We are having RH do our deck which is good since it looks like we won't be in until mid Sept (if we are lucky).
      I bet you guys will be in before August, they have been moving along with your house.

  2. I love all the lights and windows I cant wait to see the finished product everything looks amazing so far and wow on the fact that they worked on a holiday weekend very impressive. Framing starts Tuesday for us but with them inspecting one board at a time its going to take them 2-3 weeks to frame! Wish me luck LOL! Also Im inviting myself to your labor day bbq Im sure I will need a shot of something by then!

    1. If you can ever find an excuse to travel to Wright-Patt you're more than welcome. Hopefully we will have our basement kitchenette (bar) built and stocked by then. Any special requests?

  3. Looking good. Some of the issues you noted (wide soffit, can light next to vent, etc.) were some of the same things we cringed about. I hope you're having better luck having them fix issues you catch. I'm trying to be proactive and work with our PM (to correct things before more damage is done) but it's been pretty unsuccessful.

    They did wire that big house pretty quickly and from the pics it looks like the did a fairly neat job with it.

    You lucked out with that small electric meter. Our box is over 3 feet tall and about 18" wide and sits right on the visible side of the house between our two living room windows. It's hideous!!