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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 35: Framing Punch List and Utilities

First off...the plumbers didn't come back today. Starting to see a trend with subs doing 80-90% of the job and then disappearing.  There's a good chance, they showed up, saw the framers weren't there or hadn't fixed the area they needed to do some of their work and left.  Or maybe they didn't show at all... who knows?

Speaking of framers.  They were on site but it looks like they hadn't been there all day.  They stayed until 730pm and finished most of the main and upper level.  Didn't even go into the basement.  They will be out in the morning and should knock out the rest tomorrow.

Utilities Trench and Power Lines:

The trench to bring in our power lines and I think our gas has been dug.  The utility company stopped by while I was there and put in the power line.  It is isn't hooked up to the meter yet but the wires are there.

Framing Punch List Day 1:

Framers began working off the mountain of little things that were left over.  Looks like it will take them 1 to 1 1/2 days.  Mostly because there is only 1 1/2 guys working on the job.

Patched Big Hole in the Family Room Floor

Weird Patch = Future Site of Squeaky Board...

Don't know how this is supposed to look
but I'm pretty sure that's not it (sofit at top).

Attic Access to Upstairs Furnace (Tree House...whatever)

A close up of odd sofit termination

1 of 3 Additional Free Standing Columns in Basement
Not counting the ones that were already installed

2nd of 3 Free Standing Columns. Taking up
valuable space in my Media Room.

Didn't get a great picture of our tub before, there it is in all its glory.  Didn't get the jets :(  Dang those budgets and compromises.

Kid Free Zone...

The Courtland behind us is coming right along.  From a framing perspective, they have nearly caught us.  From a, "what you can't see from the street" perspective, they are still a few weeks behind us.

Also, the Avalon that's going in down the street just got their framing package but hasn't had their slabs poured.  I like seeing our neighborhood start to fill in.


  1. Great progress we finally got some updates today too! Finally!

    1. I saw your foundation pics, it looks great. That's going to be a nice house.

  2. I didn't get jets either... they are harder to clean :).

    1. Good point. Now I don't feel so bad. Guess I'll have to put in a jacuzzi...

  3. I see my tree house now has access. Can't wait to move in. Lol
    It's coming along so fast. Can't wait until they get the siding on.

    1. Brick showed up today but I have no idea when they will start. Probably next month.

    2. I saw your brick post. Double check the sample with what they delivered. I have heard a few bloggers mention the wrong stone, tile, cabinets, etc were delivered. It could be it just looks different outside away from the lighting. I took our samples outside and noticed a big difference.

    3. There are big labels on the pallets that say Sugar Creek. So I know they delivered the right stuff. We have driven around looking at this on homes that were built before we bought and ones that have been built since and there is sooo much variation with this brick, you just don't know what you are going to get. I just hope they don't put all the white bricks together on the front. Hopefully they will mix and match pallets/batches.