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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 29: More HVAC, Roofing and Fireplace

It was pouring rain today.  I was really worried about our house flooding again because the roofers weren't done yesterday.  Luckily they had finished enough to keep most of the water out.  There are spots throughout the house that were still getting wet but not like before.

Not sure which subs, but one of them had taken the plastic off our oak stairs to work and didn't put it back before leaving.  Luckily one of the HVAC guys recovered it for us.  I asked about it while I was touring and he took care of it right away.  At the top of the stairs there was water really starting to flood the area and I am pretty sure without the plastic we would have gotten water on the oak.

Forgive the pictures.  It was actually pouring down rain and I didn't want to get my camera wet so I used my phone for these.

Most of the roof was finished but not all.

A lot of HVAC work occurred to include one of our furnaces.  The one in the "Tree House" may be in there but I'm not climbing up there to see.  They are supposed to be done tomorrow.

Lots of ducts and returns all over the house.

Our fireplace came.  That was installed along with the heat shield behind it.

Also, the wiring diagrams I made for them were posted.  The PM liked mine more than having to annotate and post the larger prints.  also, some of the subs have complained about the fact that the prints are of the Right Hand plan and our house is the Left Hand version.  It's funny that this is the case because all I've heard is that the County Inspectors are sticklers and I couldn't make any changes because of the County, etc., etc., blah, blah.  I'm wondering how the County inspector can inspect a home from plans that are backward.  Just saying... 

I'm Assuming that having Wiring Diagrams Up is a Good Thing...
...that might mean we will see electricians soon :-)


  1. Very awesome! You made the diagram yourself? I'm so worried our stuff will go in the wrong places.

    I hope there's no water damage. It seems like they are on their game with it though.

    1. I just pulled the Adobe PDF up from RH website. Hit CTRL + PRINT SCREEN. Went into Microsoft Paint, which is included with Windows. Cropped out the image I wanted, then pasted it into Power Point. You can save the file from Paint as a JPG or PNG file too. Once it was in Power Point, I was able to do what ever I wanted with it. Because my plan was reversed, I cut out all the room names and dimensions, then pasted the image in Power Point, flipped it around and re-drew the room names and dimensions. I didn't spend a lot of time on it, so it looks a little rough but it was close enough for me to see the space (1 dimensionally) the way it would be. I couldn't get my head around wiring, furniture locations, etc. before I did this. Unfortunately you have all those decisions to make and no reference to go off of.

  2. Thats neat that they are using your diagram at least you know it will be done to your specifications. Your PM is really doing a good job and your closing date might be sooner if they stay on this pace its so neat the way they do things so fast.

    1. I certainly hope we can get a closing date sooner rather than later. Right now, we will not have much time to do the move, let alone any projects on either end.

      Love seeing your foundation going in. Weather permitting... the transformation you will see now is mind boggling. They will probably have to stick build your house on-site, so that will take some extra time but you will at least be able to see something happening. Very Exciting...

  3. Awesome!!! You are Amazing!!!
    Would it be possible for you to share those diagrams? ours is also left handed plan and this helps me a lot.

    1. No problem. The link below is to a folder with some of the files I created. There is a Microsoft Power Point you can edit to move the outlets around. Let me know if you are able to get to the files ok.!4637&authkey=!AIoyY7WUTLPZdk8