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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 69: Driveway Poured and More Trim

The driveway was poured this morning...

Our one lonely shutter was installed.  Still waiting on a few parts to put up the trim around the door and windows.

A drywall repairmen was in and fixed more of the imperfections on the walls and where the electricians moved outlets.

The trim crew are chugging along.
  • They installed the Uba Tuba surround on our fireplace and all the trim around it.
  • They built a professional set of Garage steps leading into the house.  Much better than the temporary ones.
  • Nearly finished the railings on the stairs.  The part they were missing came in, so they were able to get the catwalk done.
  • They installed the two vanity tops and sinks in the master bedroom.
  • All the char rail on the first floor was completed.
  • The two remaining columns in the family room were installed.  They still have the two in our master bathroom to install.
  • Baseboards starting going in on the main floor just before they quit for the day.
  • One more rail has to be installed tomorrow.
  • The rest of the baseboards on the main floor will need to be installed.
  • Tomorrow is supposed to be Crown Molding day.  Not sure if they will get it all done or not.  They still have quite a bit of work left to do in the house.
I'm sure there were some work or detail I missed but we are starting to get down to the detail work, where it gets harder and harder to notice what is actually going on.  The larger transformation tasks are starting to dwindle down.

A look ahead:
- The painters that caulk all the casings, moldings, etc were supposed to be in today but because the trim crew had so much more to do, they pushed if off until tomorrow.  Once they fill all the nail holes and seams between the moldings and walls, they will paint the trim.  That is going to look amazing.
- I'm hoping the stain guy comes back in tomorrow because the railings will be done, so he can finish. Anxious to see these finished.
- Our lighting fixtures are supposed to be in tomorrow (Wednesday, June 26), so the electricians will be in Thursday (June 27th).
- Our granite counter tops should be installed this Monday (July 1st)... :)
- The plumbers will be in right behind the granite on Tuesday (July 2nd).

Awww...our poor little winking shutter.

They said it was only 1/2" long... It looks bigger
than that.  I hope they still close OK...JK ;-)

Driveway poured, still need our sidewalk and walkway to the stoop...
oh, and the stoop.
Parking pad...nicely sloping AWAY from the house.  I lived in a house where
the driveway was sloped toward the garage.  When the sprinklers came on
our garage flooded.

I really wished they would have let me add a Hammer Head at the top here.

New Pressure Treated Stairs complete with a Fruit Drink of some sort...

Chair rail done, drywall patched...ready for paneling to go in.

Fire Place Trim and Surround Installed.  Looks pretty good.
I can't wait to see it next to the dark hardwood floors.
Granite Hearth Installed

A wooden strip will go over the gap between the granite and wood.

Family room columns installed

Oak hand rails installed on both sides.  I REALLY LOVE this feature RH designed
in the middle of the's the latest FAD...a Cold Air Return Register as the Focal
Point for your beautiful Waterfall Staircase...Oh, and one of the first things
you see when you walk in the front door.  Also, the electricians are going to
have to move that light switch above the railing. OBTW, the print called
for chair rail up this wall. I'm not really sure how that would have worked.

Master bath vanity tops

Char Rail going up side of stairs

Baseboards in Living Room. This gives you an idea how big those windows
really are.  The blinds I bought just barely fit. There may be a 3/4" gap at
the bottom of the blinds.

Drywall patch from relocating outlets.

Fascia on Dinette roof

Family room gable complete

Our little German Chimney...


  1. The fireplace the columns the windows the trim what else can I say its beautiful. Wow I love all that open space it is really coming to life now! I cant wait to see the granite its coming right around my bday July 3rd YAY! Your home is fantastic cant wait to see the finished product so close to the end!

    1. Thank you so much. We could not be happier with how the moldings are turning out. I can't wait to see the crown go in. We are sending our birthday wishes your way.

  2. Are your vanity tops in the master bathroom standard? I requested to have "symmetrical" cabinets (drawers on the outside, doors on the inside) as a "non-standard" and they told me they could only do left-side doors.

    This is the SECOND blog I've seen where they have the mirrored doors! Very frustrating I was willing to PAY for something that would not cost anything more and told no.

    1. Sorry to hear about that. I hadn't even thought about asking for this. The vanity tops are the standard cultured marble. We didn't like most of the options they had and decided to do this after we moved in.

  3. Things look great! I may change my mind about my house and just come move in with you all! Really love the molding and stairs. About the return air vent- they make some really nice decorative vent covers now. Trust me, I've googled images because I dearly dislike those things.

    1. Great tip! We used to live in NC and have family there. We had considered retiring there (and starting our next career) but there were better jobs for us here in OH.

  4. Thats very cool! I love the trim, fireplace and what not. Gorgeous. I love how organized your posts are. I could never do that!

    1. Thanks. I'm not sure I would be able to capture all that is going on if I didn't write an outline first. There are a lot of moving pieces right now.

  5. Oh, how I covet your driveway and parking pad... It is all coming together so nicely!

    1. Thank you. You have a corner lot with a side entry right? I think I would rather have a wide parking pad rather than a thin driveway and a wide parking area. It's going to be tough to maneuver cars up there.

      OBTW, I love all the trees and plantings on your home.

  6. The trim looks great, but seriously that is the only place they can put the return? I too have seen many posts online about decorative return covers. They have swirls and patterns and they look great. In the short term you can ask them to paint it the same color as the walls.

    1. We looked a few up. They range from $300 to $1200. I think I might take up welding.

  7. The driveway looks great! We are in the process of having our home built, and we can't decide if we want to go with driveway pavers or a seamless concrete. Best of luck with the rest of the construction!