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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 59: Hardwoods, Resilient and Tile

So I thought I was going to be smart and give the hardwood installer a head start to prep and sand our sub-floor before going out to talk to him/her about the installation in the family room.  When I showed up at 945am, the floors were in and he was gone.  Good news though... where there was an opportunity in the installation to either run short or long, they went long in our favor.  We ended up with 30" (versus 24") down the side walls and 32" along the back wall.  Of course all the wood is covered with cardboard but I pulled back a few pieces and snuck a peek.

The tile setters were in.  They finished the shower and were starting on the tub when I left.

There was also another installer putting in the resilient flooring.  So we got this in the Basement bath, Laundry Room, and all three bathrooms upstairs including ours.  All those rooms are done.  At some point in the future, we are going to put in tile.  I'll just add that to the ever growing list of things to do.

The siding installer wasn't quite done with the other house he was doing before ours.  I happened to drive by it and he should be done today.  Not sure if he will start on ours tomorrow or Monday.  Problem is, it's supposed to start raining tonight and into tomorrow, so he probably won't be able to start until Monday (Who knows with these Weather Guessers?).  We are still getting a lot of water in our house. 

Now the water is hitting where the transition from siding to brick is supposed to happen.  The problem is, there is no siding or flashing there.  So the water is getting into the wall and running down into my family room and finished basement.  This was a problem before and now is a REALLY BIG problem with hardwoods in my family room.  Our PM who left on vacation Friday called the siding guy to come and flash that area.  Well, I think the siding guy said he would just do it when he did our house, "this weekend".  Which he is not going to get to before the rain.  Honestly, I thought I was passed this "Rain is a Problem" phase.  Apparently not.

Now what you've all been waiting for...some pictures.

Rushmore Maple Butterscotch Glaze


Formal Living Room w/Morning Sun coming in

Powder Room

It's dirty but you get the point.

Family Room Border: 29" from Pillars to Entrance to Family Room

Family Room Border: 30" from outside wall to inside of family room.

Family Room Border: 32" from back wall by fireplace into family room.

This notch is for the Granite Hearth. Not sure if it
is really this big. Also, the granite is supposed to
be 3/4" and the wood is 3/4". They put a "T"
strip between the Granite and wood as a
transition.  It is smooth on top and made for
this wood.

Border down right side of family room.

Butler Pantry

You can sort of make out the border outline
You can make out the outline of the border from
here. Notice the water stain from the dehumidifier
and the lovely Salsa Verde all over my subfloor.

This was a surprise. You can see the wood goes
all the way to the wall in the kitchen. We were
told that they usually hold the wood back 18-20"
and shim the cabinets. The installer ran it all the
way back.

We went cheap upstairs. This is the basic tile
in our master bathroom.

It actually turned out pretty nice and with the
oil rubbed bronze fixtures, it will probably look nice.

Luan down for the Resilient flooring. Thin water resistant Plywood over sub floor.
Also, helps if you ever pull up the laminate.  If they glue to the OSB, you will
never get it up without damaging the subfloor.

Resilient in and Tile Setters getting ready to tile tub base.

Jack and Jill Luan

Sealing the Luan
Resilient in Jack and Jill

Resilient in Basement Bath

Another shot of Basement Bath

Laundry Room


  1. Love the deep color of the hardwoods and the cabinets are great I love the glaze on them I bet it is going to be beautiful when finished wow one day to complete wood flooring that's awesome you all will be packing up and moving in sooner than expected!

    1. They had the hardwoods installed in 2 hours. It took the tile guys 5 hours to tile my shower??? I'm sure just like you, we have a very specific vision for what our finishes are going to look like. Choosing things from pictures, swatches and samples are a bit nerve racking...we are anxious to see if what we saw in our head ends up being reality. So far, so good.

      Unfortunately, even if they finish the house early, it will just sit until our closing date. The mortgage company is more of an obstacle than the builder. :(

  2. One--your floors are GORGEOUS!!! Holy cannoli, love that dark wood! And two, we have the same shower in our guest room: white tile with a door and the oil-rubbed bronze finishes and it looks really nice and expensive. I think you will really like it when it's all done. Looking good!

    1. I think we ended up with some similar finishes. We liked the dark floors and crisp white moldings too.

      I saw your shower tiled but not with the fixtures yet. I like the listello. We were planning replacing the tile in our bathroom, so didn't want to spend the extra money.

  3. It looks amazing so far. I can't believe they put the hardwoods in so fast. Nice that you got a few more inches than planned. I have been on the hunt for a huge area rug and all the one I love are too small. I am kinda wishing I had thought of doing a border.

    1. Something to consider on the area rug. You can go to most carpet stores, buy the size of carpet you need and have them put an edge around it.

    2. Great idea, I'll check into that this week. Thanks.

  4. ooooo that's so cool! I love you floors!

    And I'm super Jealous of your master'll understand if you read my post ;-)

    Everything is looking A-Awesome!