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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 46, 47 & 48: Post Pre-Drywall Meeting Punch Lists

*** Sorry No pics.  There really wasn't anything to take pictures of.

Day 46: Sunday, June 2nd, 2013:
No work

Day 47: Monday, June 3rd, 2013:
- Our sheet rock was delivered and stocked in each room of the house.
- Framers came back in and fixed the discrepancies from the failed framing inspection.  They also worked other punch list items from our Pre-Drywall meeting.
- Insulation crew finished their job...the family room they needed scaffold for.
- The electricians came in and added one of the outlets they forgot to put in.
- The HVAC crew came in and fixed a vent that was being cut off from a light fixture.  They also moved the basement thermostat we asked to be moved
- The plumbers had to re-plumb a couple areas due to some framing fixes.

Day 48: Tuesday, June 4th, 2013:
- Framing re-inspection passed.
- 1st Energy Star audit.  They test the ventilation system to see if there are any leaks.  Haven't gotten the results yet.

A look ahead:
- Sheetrock should start tomorrow (Wednesday, June 5th).  The PM said it should take them 8-9 days to finish the entire house.  I personally think this is a 5 day job.  8 Days is a bit generous...but this is another case of all the Slack built into their schedule.
- Still no sign of the masons. When my PM said Monday, Tuesday this week and jokingly said OK so, Wednesday, Thursday and just in time for rain.  I sooo didn't want to be right and it is supposed to rain Thursday.  His response when I followed up today... "The weekend weather looks clear."  Not exactly what I wanted to hear.


  1. The weather has been crazy. You should be almost to the part where the weather can't delay you anymore. I looked at your floor plan online the other day and was stunned with all the options you can do. Your home is going to spectacular. Can't wait to see the inside come to life. It's right around the corner.

    1. I agree I would have definitely chosen the Highgrove or the balmoral they are both fantastic floor plans it is going to be so exciting to see the inside with drywall and paint!

    2. Thanks. Saw the house with sheet rock today, wow...what a difference. I was expecting some of the spaces to look much smaller but they didn't, they actually looked bigger. I'm really happy with how it is turning out...and it was a mess in the house.