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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 62: Trim Day 2, Siding and Air Conditioners

The siding has begun.  They were able to get the hardy plank over the garage done and most of the eaves and flashing installed on that side.  At this pace it is going to be a 8-10 day job.

The AC installer was in and put in our, AC compressors, thermostats, registers and bathroom vents.

The Gas company was out and installed the meter and gas line to the street.

Guardian was in and installed our cable and telephone jacks.

Finally, the trim duo was in and finished the kitchen, doors and window sills for most of the main floor.  They have two other jobs in the morning but will be back in the afternoon to get a half day working on our house.

The granite crew could measure for the kitchen and butler pantry but I'm not sure when they are scheduled.  Our PM is on vacation and the Asst PM is in training the rest of the week.  We have a back-up PM from another community but I don't have his number. :(

Electricians are supposed to be in Friday to do their final work.  Hopefully they fix the tray ceiling outlets so the trim crew can do their job.  I have a feeling this is going to become a punch list item.

We are still missing 3 counter tops and sinks.

The roofers haven't been back to roof the fireplace.  They will also need to do the gable returns when the siding crew is done.

Here are some pictures.

Dark Khaki Siding and White Trim on Sugar Creek

Siding, Eaves and Flashing Complete on this Side


How cute...Mommy Bear and Baby Bear

Bathroom Vents Installed
This is in our Master Bath Tray Ceiling. There probably could have been a better
location for this then here.

Basement Thermostat Located and Installed
Interesting Observation.  We have 3 Thermostats, 1 per floor.
At 530pm they indicated the following:
2nd Floor - 81 degrees
1st Floor - 79 degrees
Basement - 69 degrees
I know where I'm spending my summers.


Main Floor Thermostat and Cold Air Return
in Formal Dining Room

You can see the Gas Meter way over that at the end

Cable Outlets Installed and Terminated

Cable Box Conveniently Located Behind the
Flu vent for the Basement Furnace :(

I do like the study doors and transom lights above

Laundry Cabinets done including Pulls

Butler Pantry and Pulls

Cabinets installed and pulls installed... All Ready for Granite... :-)


Not as sexy as the islands in the other RH floor plans but it will do.

You can sort of see the Dinette and Kitchen size and proximity.
I wish there was an option to build this dinette as a large bay instead of
a flat pop out.


  1. That island is plenty sexy. Love the kitchen layout, and I can't wait to see it with the granite.

    1. I don't see how they could have done one of those long islands in this space without cutting of the traffic flow in the kitchen. It's big enough to work on and gather around though, so I'm happy about that.

  2. The siding and brick are beautiful together. Once they install your granite your kitchen will really come to life. I can't believe you aren't moving in sooner, it seems like this they should be done in a couple weeks.

    1. We're thinking the same thing. Part of the way they pay their PM's is based on completing the project on time. On the surface this metric sounds good because it helps ensure we close within the time frame RH promised. On the other hand, there is not incentive to finish/close early. So the schedule is really bloated...lots of slop in it. Based on the schedule I built before we started construction, I have us finishing construction July 8th. Not including landscaping. Not sure what they are going to do for 3 weeks after that?

  3. The island looks great. I wish my island came with the cabinets facing away from the kitchen like shown here. I also checked out your options page and love the tray ceilings and the stair banisters. So lovely.

    1. Thanks. We stood there and watched the guy install the island because we weren't sure if the doors and drawers were going to face out or not. We are really happy they face the way they do. With no model or pictures to go off of, this was one of those unanswered questions from the initial purchasing process (We still have a few of those).

  4. The kitchen layout is great. I love your island. I agree that those huge islands (the upgraded ones) do limit the space. Yours look perfect! SO much is happening....good stuff!