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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 73: Trim Day 8, More Painting and Electrical

The trim carpenters were back in to finish odds and ends.  They installed the paneling in the dining room, finished up the baseboard, installed the last hand stair rail and were installing the columns in the bath room when I went by.  They had missed the picture box above the fireplace but I found the print for them, so they may install that before they leave.  They normally install all the door handles but this may end up being one of the RH finish guys that does this.

They will have more work to do down the road but are still waiting on parts and other trades.  So back to the Jefferson Square model they go...

The painters were pretty much following the trim carpenters puddying nail holes and painting the various pieces.  It's starting to look like a finished house.  Wow, how quick it starts to come together.

So now the stainer can come in and finish his job.

Nearly all the electrical was done yesterday but I didn't stay long enough to get pictures of it all. 


So what's left?

- Granite counter tops in Kitchen, Island and Butler Pantry
- Formica in Laundry Room

 - Swap wrong fixture in the Formal Living Room
 - Missing parts to install electrical for double oven
 - Need to install boxes and outlets for under cabinet lighting (x5)
 - Need to install light in upstairs niche
 - Need to install all our ceiling fans (x4)
 - Missing 1 Smoke and CO2 detector in basement
 - Lights in basement may not be correct???

- Basement vanity top and sink
- Interior Door Handles
- Trim around double oven after installation
- Install attic stairs

- Kitchen sink, drain and garbage disposal
- Set sink, faucet and drain in laundry room
- Bathroom fixtures (sinks, tubs and showers)
- Set Power Room pedestal sink and faucet
- Shower surrounds
- Shower rods, towels rods and paper holders

- Finish staining the stairs
- Complete touch up from initial painting
- Do touch ups from future blue tape rounds
- Exterior trim needs to be painted

- Install Dishwasher
- Install Microwave (Still need to cut vent for the hood portion of this appliance)
- Install Double Oven (Electricians still need to do their part on this)

- Finish trim around front door and foyer palladium window

- Finishing pouring: Stoop, walk-way, sidewalk and bottom of driveway

- Finish grading the front yard after cement is poured

- Install carpet and transition strips between different flooring.

- Everything (Trees, shrubs, bushes, sod, seed and straw)

- Fix hole made from moving light switch at bottom of stairs
- Fix hole made from moving air return in dining room
- Work off blue tape discrepancies

Other Misc.
- Install Mail Box
- Install permanent air vents on first floor
- Install Closet Racks
- Hang front door and install handle and lock set
- Caulk around the outside of the windows and in between the brick
- Install all the screens on the windows

- Energy Star Inspection and Certification
- Water Inspection by Health Department
- Final County Inspection for Certificate of Occupancy

- Need to run cable to the street (or the ugly box in front of my yard)
- Need to run telephone to the street

Home stretch:
- Clean house, garage, yard and get ready for closing

So basically we are done. ;-)  Far from it... still lost so of work to do.


Here are the latest pictures...

Dinette Chandelier - Glad I had them move it about 12-15" to the left.

All the outlets and switches are in...oh, and they work.

Love all the recessed lights in the kitchen.

Placeholder lights until our ceiling fans come in

Grouted tile

Basement lights. We were told these would match the rest of our lighting package.
We had to cough up another $275 for a basement vanity, they said
its "all or nothing" wit the lighting. Not sure if this is a mistake or
they break the rules when it is convenient for them.

Storage Area. First time I've seen it with lights on.

Water Softener Rough-in. Note, the outlet was not included in the price.
We had to add this outlet.

Future site of our media room. Couldn't get the whole room in the shot.

Basement finally lit up

There is lots of light down here. I was worried about that.

Close up of Garage Coach Lights

Close up of Porch Light

Final Direct Set Hand Rail and Balusters Installed.

Last bit of chair rail installed on stairs

Paneling around dining room

Having this register in the wall is less than ideal but will be covered with
a buffet or some piece of furniture.


  1. Love the stairs, the moldings the paint color..... Basically it all looks great. I am dying to see those floors.

    1. Thanks. We are really excited to see how the floors go with all this goodness too. We're hoping that we made the right choice, considering it was a last minute change.

  2. I am in love with your home cant wait to see the granite and the complete finished product I know you all are so happy right now! I feel funny going custom after seeing all of your fabulosity!

    1. It is really coming together. By next week it will look done inside. We'll just be waiting on the outside to be done.

      You're home is already nicer than ours and they haven't even started putting trim in it yet. When all those great finished go in, we will all be envious of you.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks so much. Just like the Avalon, this was one of the features we really liked. Walking in, just adds to the wow factor.

  4. Wow, I always say its a biiiiigggg home :) Looking gorgeous!