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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 63: Stair Tread Staining and Siding Day 2

It was a very Slow News Day!!!  Ugghhh...

We stopped by the house after work and the painter was there staining the stair treads. 

Before I even say what I think, I would really appreciate your opinion.  Do you think it looks good with our floors and do you think the color will look OK on the banisters with the iron balusters?  Should it be lighter, darker or just the way it is?

The Trim crew didn't come back because they were yielding the right of way to the painter.

The siding crew got a late start but finished up one half of the house.  They should be able to get the other side done tomorrow but will halve to wait for the roofers to finish the chimney and gable returns (eye brows as siding crew called them) before they can complete their job.

Completed Stain and urethane coating

Our Floor Sample versus the Stain
For those that are wondering: The Stain is called Dark Oak and looks nothing
like this on the sample at Rite Rug.

Different angle of the camera with flash not on the sample


  1. I like the contrast I am not one to like things to be very matchy matchy so I think it brings a nice color contrast between the two different woods. I think the whole house is just gorgeous I wouldn't change a thing!

  2. I think they should be darker... definitely doesn't match the sample...and I am a matchy, matchy person.... so I guess it depends on what you prefer...

  3. I think the stairs should be darker than the floor. The best might be to have the stairs match the cabinet stain so you have the same appearance in one of your earlier photos. If your stairs and bannisters are like our direct set stairs the type of oak will not be the same for the bannister and the stair treads...thus they will each take the stain different. I would be more concerned about Rite-Rug's ability to install a stair runner because they did a piss-poor job at best on our direct set stairs. The stair runner should be tucked under each stair tread and at least rolled over on the side seams.

  4. I like my woods to match, we picked out a stain that hopefully matches our hardwoods. I agree that the darker wood stain and the iron balusters isn't as dramatic but i would be more annoyed if the woods weren't the same color.

  5. I like my woods to match too. Iron balusters would go with either - darker and lighter stains...for me! As everybody else suggested, completely depends on how you like it!

  6. I would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and input. We spoke with the Production Supervisor and they dropped off some scrap oak to have stained the darker color (We have Dark Oak now, the next shade is called Ebony). We are going to take a look at it tomorrow and make a final decision. My spouse and I are in disagreement over this and are going to have to make a tough decision tomorrow. It is easier to go darker than it is to go lighter. If we go darker, there is no turning back.