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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 70: Painters, Crown Molding and more

The driveway has cured enough to walk on it.  We didn't get our sidewalk or walkway poured yet.  We did have some pretty bad storms last night and this morning and scattered throughout today.

Paint and Stain:
Painters are in putting puddy on all the moldings.  Once they have caulked and puddied everything, they will paint the trim.  They have also started removing the doors to paint.

The stainer was back in and continued working on the rest of the rails and treads.  I didn't' take any pictures because he had just showed up and hadn't gotten too far.  The guy working on our house does this as a second job, so he works when he has time off his day job.  He does good work, so I'm not complaining...what ever works.

An insulation crew showed up to blow insulation in our attic.  One of the guys was throwing up out by the truck and the other one was only operating on one lung.  He came out of our attic coughing and wheezing.  I asked him if he was ok and he said he had emphysema.  I told him he was in the wrong line of work and should consider doing something else.  Between a sick crew member and the heat, they decided to come back in the morning and try again.

Lots of stuff went in everywhere.  They did all the crown molding in the entire house including the tray ceilings and they added the trim around the two big palladium windows.  The trim crew isn't going to be in for the next two days, they are going to yield the right away to the painters and electricians.  They also have to go to a new RH community and install the kitchen in their new model (A Jefferson Square), to keep the project on schedule.  Not an issue for us, will not slow us down.

What they have left:
- Picture box above fireplace.
- Paneling in dining room.
- Basement sink when it comes in.
- Chair rail on one wall on our stairs.
- Last Direct Set Hand Rail.
- Baseboards throughout main floor.

Other Misc:
- Purchased 2 Craftsman Belt Driven AssureLink Garage Door Openers and scheduled installation for right after we move in.  The installation for these was worth the price $129 for the first one and $109 for the second.  Between buying the units and paying for installation, we still came out 30-40% less than what RH was charging for much better units.
- Purchased a Kenmore Elite Hybrid Water Softener/Whole House Water Filter. They wanted $179 to install this thing.  We paid RH to stub out for this and add an outlet right above where we stubbed it out.  This might be one of the first projects we do ourselves.
- Scheduled moving truck for the stuff we aren't going to have Two-Men-and-a-Truck move.

A look ahead:
- We should have the electricians out tomorrow.  I'm really excited to see how these light fixtures are going to look in the house.  It will also be nice to see our house with more lighting.  The PM didn't indicate this had changed or whether or not all our light fixtures came in today.  Is this a case of No news is good news?
- The painters should be taking care of the trim and doors this week
- Once the trim is painted out, they can add the second coat of paint on the walls.  The first drywall go around has been completed, so we can see what's left after the next coat of paint.
- I'm hoping the concrete crew makes it out this week to finish up.  We'll see what weather does.
- Still looks like we are on track for granite on Monday and plumbers on Tuesday.
- I'm hoping the 2 parts for the molding around our front door come in soon.  I'm looking forward to seeing how this is going to look.  Before all the trim and shutters went in, I thought our brick looked to brown.  Now with the other contrasting colors it looks much better but still seems like it is missing something...the trim around the door and windows. :)  I think this will really give the house mucho curb appeal and tie in nicely with our "cargo pants and bow ties" theme.

I have a collection of these shots...hoping to string them together at some point
to show the progressive change over time.

Doors removed and puddy added to holes and seems

Casings caulked and puddied

One of two niches. Love how these turned out.

I still can't get over how elegant this double crown looks.

I really love how they wrapped this around the wall. So elegant.

Tray ceiling in dining room with no outlet showing... Yeah!!!

Look mom, no outlet... You can also see the double crown installed.

Tray, double crown and double char rail. Can't wait to see it painted.

Close up of Double Crown. It's an illusion really.

Crown in Living Room. OBTW, we didn't plan to have these trees where they are.
They were planted before we built the house but what a perfect privacy screen.

Crown up in the two story foyer.

Crown in the study

This crown next to that 16 Light Door and Transom Window is going to look

Tray ceiling in Master without outlet showing.

Master bedroom tray ceiling. It spans the entire room.

This is the tray in our bathroom.
They had to go buy special molding to fit here
because of the location of the fan.
This is a non-standard request for crown here.

Trim around Foyer Window.

Trim around Family Room Windows.  The sun was back here and washing out
all my pictures.  This is the only way I could get the picture to turn out.
Kind of artistic.  Simply an accident, I assure you.


  1. Your house is just beautiful! How exciting for you and your family :)

    1. Thanks so much. Things will pick up on your house once you pass all your inspections. It was slow for us up until that point too but your PM owns the schedule after that. No inspectors holding you up until your final.

  2. It just keeps getting better and better. I love the double chair, we are doing it too and I haven't found another blog or pictures of it until now.

    1. Thanks. Glad to help. We spent probably an embarrassing number of hours combing through blogs looking for pictures of this stuff too. That was one of the reasons I wanted to document it. We learned so much from others, I wanted to keep the legacy going for others.

  3. Your home is outstanding! Very very good choices. I'm sure it's only going to get better!!

  4. Gorgeous!
    My husband loves woodworking & can't wait to be able to do the kind of trim work on our own home like you've shown here. You have certainly given us inspiration!!
    Thank you!

    There's this heavily embossed wall paper that you apply with plaster called Lincresta. As lovely as your high grove looks with the tray ceilings & double molding, I think some Lincresta from the chair railing to the floor in a hallway/foyer or dining room would just be stunning!

    1. Good tip, that might be easier than doing paneling.

  5. Gorgeous home!!! You made some very good choices!!!

    1. Thank you. We have certainly had our doubts. It's easy to second guess yourself. The jury is still out on a few things.