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Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 67, 68: Trim Day 5 and Driveway Day 1

Day 67: Sunday, June 23, 2013 work on this day.

Day 68: Monday, June 24, 2013

First of all this is 30 Days away from our Pre-settlement demonstration.  Yeah!!!

The mason crew was out and set forms for our driveway, parking pad and sidewalk at the street.  Also, we had a load of gravel delivered to build the base for the driveway.  PM said, they are going to try to pour the driveway some time this week.  He is drinking from a Fire Hose after coming off a 10 day vacation.

All but 1 shutter was put on the front of the house.  I had asked the siding guy last week if one of the shutters was gong to fit and he said, "...awww yeah...<spit>...that thang will go up theerree."  Of all the subs on this project, this one is the funniest and most lively character we have encountered.  It has actually been fun working with him.  He is country, set in his ways and as long as everyone realizes there is only one way to do things...his way...then everything is fine.  So this was part of our back and forth banter.  Today I saw him and asked the same question because it was the only shutter that wasn't installed.  His response, "Naaa, there aint enough room."  Of course the deck was stacked in my favor because I knew we had 12" eves instead of the standard size.  Another item RH didn't the cased door opening that doesn't work will full faced cabinets.

The siding crew was missing a few parts to install the trim around the front door and windows, so as soon as they come in, they will be installed.

The electricians came in to move all the outlets that needed to be relocated.  Our light fixtures are special order (1. Figures and 2. How long have they had to order these?), so we may not see them out until after Wednesday this week.

Drywall touch up:
The drywall crew was through to fix various spots around the house. Unfortunately it was after the electricians came in and made a mess.

Now that our railings have started to go in and the fact that we are not gong to change the color, the painters were in staining them.  They got half of them done today and should be able to wrap up the ones that are installed by tomorrow.  We are still missing part of the catwalk rail upstairs.

Trim Carpenters:
The trim carpenters did all the doors, casings and baseboard in the basement.  They installed 5 of the 7 columns on the main floor, began the base boards and installed much of the hand rails.  It's really starting to take shape now. 

Two of the three sinks and vanity tops we were missing came in but have not been set yet.  We also have tile that was taken off of our soaking tub and the tile hasn't been grouted yet.

Apparently the trim carpenters build the steps leading between the garage and the house.  The framers made a sad little set and that's what I thought we were going to get.

On the Horizon (The next 7 days or so):
- Hopefully finish up trim.  I think they have at least another 2 days left.
- Finish up siding and outside trim
- Electricians mid to late this week
- Prep and paint trim.  All the caulk and white paint was staged for the painters to come in and fill all the holes and gaps in the door casings, window sills, base boards and crown molding.  This crew could come in now and start in either the basement or second floor and meet the trim carpenters on the main level.
- Pour our driveway and sidewalk.  Hopefully by Wednesday, Thursday. They do pour on Saturday's.
- If we get electricians in this week and if our granite comes in, I can see us having the plumbers in by the first of next week.  Wishful thinking...

Without further adooo.... Here are some pictures:

Most of the trim and shutters are complete

They have to trim/notch that one shutter on the top left

Still need the trim around the door and foyer window

Top rail stained (dark oak)

Note all the drywall patch work

Railing leading into dinette...more drywall repair

Railing leading into basement

Railing at bottom of stairs in basement

One of the columns set leading into the Living Room

The other 2 columns in the Living Room.
The one with banding around it is the only one
that has a structural component in it.

Basement Doors, Casings and Baseboards set

Future home of our Irish Pub

Electricians Dropping Outlets down to Proper Height. This will ensure the
outlets fall below the wall paneling in the Dining Room.

Tray Ceiling outlet dropped down so it won't be seen behind crown molding

There were 5 outlets in the dining room to move...and 1 next to the fireplace.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. We are still concerned about how it is going to look against our floors but other than that, it is a really beautiful rich color in person.

  2. Lovely home the brick looks fab with the shutters I love the floorplan too just gorgeous cant wait to see the granite!

    1. I like the brick more with the dark shutters and light trim. I was calling it Cargo Pants with a Bow Tie (Formal and Traditional yet eclectic and casual). It fits me and my spouses personalities to a "T"... Polar opposites. Or you could say, Ying and Yang...we complete each other.

  3. 30 days. That is insane. I can't believe you are already at this point. Your house is gorgeous. I am curious about your missing shutter, don't they have blue prints and plans or do they just hope you won't notice the little things? I feel like this is their first rodeo. Looks like your house will be done around my birthday. Wow, time flys.

    1. It's not entirely RH's fault. The original developer for our community (Not RH) created a set of design standards that are part of the CCR's. The design standards called for 12" eves. This is not what RH usually puts on their homes, so the shutters would normally fit but are off due to the larger eves.

      What I would have expected though was for one of their engineers or architects to look over the designs specs and their original plans and figure out where the problem areas are going to be. There were a few the Country caught before we even got our permits.

      There just isn't a task in their process to do this. It's just business as usual. When you make everything a checklist you train people to stop thinking. Either way, they are going to fix it and my house will stop winking at everyone.

    2. Awww,now it's endearing and cute. And yes, you would think they would have an engineer double check stuff. I understand they are building our houses like a set of Legos, or furniture from Ikea(hopefully they won't have any spare pieces) , but come on, use some common sense. Thanks for the laugh tonight, after dealing with the idiots at NVR today I needed a bit if humor.

  4. Gorgeous home! Love the direct set stairs and the metal balusters. 30 Days!!! WOW!!

    It sounds like there is so much going on....It all looks very beautiful.

    1. Thanks. It's definitely harder to see what's going on. In the beginning, it's pretty obvious what happened on the house, now you really have to pay attention.

  5. Your blog is so well organized, and you have so much detail for each day! It gets me so excited reading it, because I can't wait for when we get to the point where we have more than a depressing hole in the ground (I know... everyone gets excited when there's dirt, but I want to see some BUILDING!)

    Looks like everything is coming together nicely, though.

    1. It's purely accidental. I never even considered writing a blog or how to do one before but liked that I learned so much from others and felt as if I should pay the favor forward. There is only one other Highgrove blog too.