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Lot and Community

Our Lot
Well I think this is an obligatory picture representing the start of this endeavor.  Although, this wasn't quite the start, it was a beginning (Says Confucius).
My Beautiful Wife Putting the Sold Sign on our Lot

Our lot is pictured below, highlighted in yellow.  We have an end Lot across from a green area that is being converted into park.  Right now the street just ends, I'm hoping they DO NOT continue the street into the park to create a parking lot.  Hopefully they create an entrance from the main street and not direct traffic through our neighborhood.  At any rate, we chose this lot because of this green area and the park that may be built some day.

Thanks Google for this Arial View

Update (April 2013): The city parks and recs released their plan for the park next to us.  Were pretty excited about this outdoor space so close to our home.  It's literally like having a 23 acre back yard (maintained by someone else), with paved running trails, play grounds, large grassy fields and ponds.  I think our family will really benefit from this space and make a lot of wonderful memories here.
New Park Plan
Our Lot is 100' wide x 175' long (Approx. 17,500sqft and just over .40 acres).  Not quite enough to get a horse to graze it but certainly enough to either hire someone to mow it or buy a riding mower (Why do I have images of Tim Allen saying, "More Power!").

The picture below doesn't quite have the lot boundaries in the picture (side-to-side).  I kept backing up trying to get the shot and figured I would just take two pictures instead.  When we begin construction I may take some pictures from the berm on this lot across the street.

View of Lot from Across the Street

This pictures shows the walking paths and park benches that are throughout our neighborhood.  These are supposed to continue into the new park and join our community to this new space.  I'm pretty excited because it might give us enough distance to run.  Notice the neighborhood behind us has already planted some Cyprus (not a landscaper, I'm assuming they are in that family) and we have a few more near the walking path for privacy and noise abatement.  Happy about that.

Walking path adjacent to our lot

As you can see, there has been little construction on the center of the horseshoe.  This picture is taken from the edge of our lot looking back up the horseshoe.  The framing on our side of the street (Left side of Pic, half way down) is nearly finished being framed now (not in picture).  They have not put in windows or began work inside yet.  This is a custom builder and I swear there is only one guy building this house.  The tractor all the way at the other end (Almost exact middle of the picture) is the first Ryan Homes house to be built in this new sub-division (A Courtland Gate).  They had not dug the basement yet in this picture.  As of the writing of this page (not depicted in this picture), they have finished framing the house and have all the windows and doors installed.  They have passed this customer builder who had at least a two month head start.  At this rate, we may actually move into our home before these poor folks (I guess from this perspective, I don't feel so bad).  The other thing you can see in this picture is our One lonely street light for the entire street.  Hopefully this will change.  One block over they have one of these street lights every 50 yards or so.

View Down Center of Horseshoe from our Lot

This is at the entrance to our sub-division.  There are a lot of these little whimsical elements throughout.  The playing children, park benches and gazebos.

Entrance to Sub-Division

This is one of the two ponds at the entrance to our sub-division.  We also have two at the back of the sub-division by us.  The ones up front are a bit smaller than the others.

1 of 4 Ponds in Sub-Division

Not being near the ocean anymore, I think this is the feature my family is most excited about.  The Swimming Pools!

Two 1,800sqft Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

Play Ground

Kids Play Ground

Tennis and Basketball Courts

Tennis Courts and Basketball Courts


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you very much. Above everything else, this community and the 10/10 schools were what sold us. We had our Pre-Con meeting today and should start in two weeks.

  2. Lovely development, and you have a great lot!

    1. Thank you so much. We feel very lucky to have found this development. It was actually a fluke. The sales office was down the street and we didn't really like the development the model was in but we went in anyway. Once the SR heard our objections she quickly whipped out the site plan for this section and we were sold., like you...we just need a house to be built on it.

  3. I'm not surprised about this news about the "custom" builder in your neighborhood. We have a house that is being built by a custom homebuilder that I swear was completely framed and up way back in February. Ryan Homes came in and now has six or seven homes up and moving along (one family has already moved in!) and I swear, I never see anybody working on that other house.

    We went in a few weeks ago expecting to see things mostly done and ready to move in... and it really wasn't much farther along that drywall.

    I'm not sure if they're having trouble (workers, finances, etc.) but it is definitely comforting to know that in less than 90 days, we should be comfortably moved in to our house.

    It's CRAZY how often the people are working on the RH houses - I see them at 6am when I'm leaving for work and we see them at 8 or 9pm when we're winding down for the night... week days AND week ends!