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This is a chronological list of events that occur in the buying and building process with Ryan Homes.  Of course this isn't an official list or even one put out by Ryan but it is a culmination of information we have gathered through the process and from other Blogs.


Purchasing the Home (Milestone): COMPLETE

1. Selecting the Community and Home Type: COMPLETE
2. Pre-Qualifying for the Loan: COMPLETE
4. Signing the Purchase Agreement: COMPLETE
5. Meeting w/Loan officer and Signing Loan Documentation: COMPLETE

Selecting Options (Milestone): COMPLETE

1. Reviewing the Master Selection List: COMPLETE
2. Submitting Change Orders to Reflect your Final Selections: COMPLETE
3. Selecting Flooring and Tile: COMPLETE (Initially 2 Weeks and No Call. We called them.)
4. Meeting with Guardian and Making Selections: COMPLETE (Finally received a call after 3 1/2 Weeks and their first appointment was the following month. Decision = Not going to give this company any of our money. No upgrades or extra jacks.)
5. Submitting a Production Release (PR): COMPLETE

Getting on the Production Schedule (Milestone): COMPLETE
NOTE: Must have a PR above to do this.

1. "Green Light" from Mortgage Company: COMPLETE This NEVER Actually happened.  They waited for the Loan Approval. (This should have been a best guess from NVRM as to whether the Loan will be approved by the underwriter.  They have a scoring software that spits out whether you would be "approved/eligible" or NOT. We were told that a few days after they send you to underwriting they send this info to RH.  They never did.).
2. Receive Production Date based on above: COMPLETE Breaking ground April 15th (Actual Ground Breaking occurred in April 18th due to weather and scheduling delays).
3. Loan Approval Notification: COMPLETE (Signed Original Loan Docs on January 20th, received Letter of Approval via Email on March 8th.  Almost 7 weeks to process a loan.). Oh, and the NVRM Loan Commitment expires prior to our projected RH closing date.  Left hand not talking to Right hand.

I adapted the following list from another Highgrove Blog: High Hopes for our Highgrove.  I thought it was a good representation of the process with a good source to get additional information.  No need to re-invent the wheel.  I'll use it as a guide in the near term to provide a snap shot of where we are in the process and update as I go.

Quote from High Hopes for our Highgrove:

"I came across this site that lists the steps to home building and thought I would share-it has helped me a lot:
You can click on each step after going to the link above and get an idea of what that step will entail. I also like that they give an estimate of how long it will take. Now, I'm certain RH's is on their own time schedule and their own step by step list, but I bet they will be similar. Here's what the process looks like:"


Home Construction:

Pre-Construction Meeting (Milestone): COMPLETE

1. Staking the lot and house: 1 day (Actual Finish Apr 3, 2013): COMPLETE 
2. Clearing and excavation: 1-3 days (Actual Start Apr 18, 2013) - COMPLETE
3. Ordering utilities, temporary electric service, and a portable toilet: 1 hour (Actual Finish Apr 11, 2013) - COMPLETE
4. Footings (steps 3 and 4 can be reversed). First inspection must be made before pouring: 1 day - (Actual Finish Apr 23, 2013) - COMPLETE
5. Foundation and soil treatment, then foundation survey: 1 week (Actual Finish Apr 26, 2013)  - COMPLETE
6. Rough-ins for plumbing and inspection: 2-4 days (Actual Finish Wednesday, May1, 2013) - COMPLETE
7. Water Proofing and inspection: 1-2 days (Actual Finish Thursday, May 2, 2013) - COMPLETE
8. Slabs, basement, garage and inspection: 1-2 days  (Actual Finish Saturday, May 4, 2013) - COMPLETE
9. Framing and drying-in: 3-5 days (Initial Framing Finished Tuesday, May 14, 2013)  - COMPLETE
  9.a. Framing Punch List: 3-5 days (Actual Finish Wednesday, May 29, 2013) - COMPLETE
10. Roofing: 2 days (Actual Finish Saturday, May 18, 2013) - COMPLETE
11. HVAC rough-ins: 1-2 weeks (Actual Finish Friday, May 17, 2013)  - COMPLETE
12. Plumbing rough-ins: 1-3 days (Actual Finish Thursday, May 23, 2013) - COMPLETE
  12a. Gas Line and Inspection: 1-2 days (Actual Finish Friday, May 31, 2013) - COMPLETE
13. Water, sewer lines and Inspection: 1-2 days (Actual Finish Monday, May 19, 2013)  - COMPLETE
14. Electrical rough-ins: 1 day (Actual Finish Tuesday, May 28, 2013) - COMPLETE
15. Low voltage wiring (Guardian): 1 day (Actual Finish Friday, May 24, 2013) - COMPLETE
16. Insulation: 2 days (Actual Finish Monday, June 3, 2013) - COMPLETE

Pre-Dry Wall Meeting (Milestone): (Actual Date Friday, May 31, 2013) - COMPLETE

1. Drywall: 2 weeks (Actual Finish Wednesday, June 12, 2013)  - COMPLETE
2. Brick veneer: 3-4 days (Actual Finish Friday, June 14, 2013)  - COMPLETE
3. Priming walls (They didn't prime, they did a first coat of paint) and "pointing up": 1 day  (Actual Finish Friday, June 14, 2013) - COMPLETE
4. Hardwood flooring and underlayment: 1-2 days (Actual Finish Saturday, June 15, 2013) - COMPLETE
5. Tile and vinyl floors: 1-2 days (Actual Finish Saturday, June 15, 2013) - COMPLETE
6. Exterior Siding: 5-6 days (Actual Finish Tuesday, June 25th) - COMPLETE
7. Interior trim and cabinets: 1-2 weeks (Started Monday, June 17th, 2013) - 95% Complete
8. Painting: 2-3 weeks (There are 3 parts here: Painting Trim & Doors. Final walls. Exterior Trim)
8a.) Interior wall Paint (Actual Finish... ) - COMPLETE
8b.) Trim Paint (Actual Finish... ) - COMPLETE
8c.) Exterior Trim Paint (Not started)
8d.) Final touch up Paint (Not started)
9. Counter Tops: 1 day (Estimated to be installed Monday, July 1st)
10. Trimming out and finishing plumbing, mechanical, and electrical and hooking up utilities: (This has already begun) 1-2 weeks
11. Cleanup: 2-3 days
12. Carpet installation: 1-2 days
13. Driveway: 1-3 days
14. Landscaping: 1-3 days
15. Final inspections, surveys (Has already been conducted, awaiting report), and mortgage loan refinance or modification of the construction loan: 1-3 days

Pre-Closing Walk Thru (Milestone): Scheduled for Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Closing (Milestone)

1. Signing all the paperwork and getting the Keys. Scheduled for Friday, 26 July 2013

Enjoying your new home: A lifetime!

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