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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 49: Sheet Rock Day 1

First off...this is the Half Way Point.  49 Days down, 49 to go.

They started sheet rocking today.  The foreman said it will only take them 1.5 days.  Another crew will come in and do the tape and mudding.  The basement is done, the first floor is done, the garage is done and quite a bit of the second floor.  All the two story spaces are complete as well (i.e. foyer, family room).

Still no sign of the masons.  I'm getting ready to just pick up a trowel and have at it.  The brick has been sitting in front of my house for a few weeks now.

One good piece of news is that the roofers finally came back and roofed over the dinette.  So hopefully when it rains tomorrow (and the masons can't work in the rain), I don't get water behind my walls again.

Standing in Family Room looking toward front of house

Butler Pantry, Dining Room and Kitchen that way

Study, Powder and Formal Living Room that way

Laundry and Garage Beyond door. Stairs and Butler Pantry to left.

Dinette and Kitchen

Pantry and Niche around corner

Walk-in Pantry

From Kitchen, Almost standing in Dinette looking toward family room

Butler Pantry and Dining Room Beyond

Basement Stairs


Stairs off of Foyer




Basement at bottom of stairs

Basement. Turned right off of stairs. Media Room behind me and bedroom
through door in facing me and bath room to the right.

That insulation was taken out because water got behind it. Not sure if new
insulation was put back in???

Basement Bath Room

Basement Shower

Basement Kitchenette (aka Irish Pub)

Standing in Study

Dining Room

Future location of ceiling fans for Family Room

On Cat Walk looking into Owners bedroom

Tray Ceiling in Owners Bedroom

Upstairs Linen Closet

Bedroom #4 Bathroom Ceiling. Thought this looked interesting


  1. And Im speechless we are looking at the pictures like holy sh$%$@#$ how did they do all of this work in one day? We thought we were special with a few walls up today were so jealous! I can see the vision your home is going to be fabulous!

    1. Thanks. I was really surprised to. Many hands make light work. My PM told me 8-9 days...and that was what they had on their schedule. I said bull $&@t. How many man hours is the question you should ask. If it is 60-80 man hours and their 8 guys in the house then it is a 1.5 day job, not 9. I like my PM he is doing a good job but would not make it in DoD Program Management. For one thing, the shorts and work boots wouldn't pass AFOSH standards. ;-)

    2. AFOSH also states helmets are required I bet those were missing along with the pants and steel toe boots LOL!

    3. They do wear steel toes and hard hats but unfortunately no reflective belts.

    4. Ive got extra belts to donate to them..the benefits of being on the flight line at night for 22 years!

  2. Replies
    1. We do too. That was one of the main selling points. The light that comes in is better than we could have hoped.

  3. This looks great! And I absolutely love the layout of your new home!!!

  4. Isn't it amazing when all of a sudden it's a real house? Not that it wasn't before, but once there are sheetrock walls and a roof, you can really start seeing what it will be. Congrats! It looks great!

    1. Absolutely. We are just trying to catch you guys. ;-)

  5. oh my they did this in a day?!? really?? I love your two story great room...That's a huge thing on my wish list that I dint get! It looks absolutely awesome! We have a walk-in pantry too yay!! Isn't that the best!? Everything is looking so great!

    1. Thanks. Your home is moving along really fast too. Congrats!

  6. Super fast. I'll have to show my husband you balcony, he loves those and wishes we had it in our house so he could greet the guests(he says he is kidding but I know he is secretly sad we don't have a two story foyer.

    1. I hadn't thought about greeting guests that way but now I feel we are going to have to. Sort of a "Fantasy Island" greeting. I'm sure one of my kids could stand in for tattoo.