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Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 65: Trim Day 4, Siding Day 4 and Grading

More progress on the trim work.  It is really starting to look good.

The painter came by and stained a few pieces of scrap.  The Ebony just did not look as good as what we already have.  There just needed to be a stain that was a shade darker than what it is right now.  We are going to just go with what we have and see how it goes.

The roofers came by and ...almost finished their job.  They did the chimney and eyebrows on the front gables but forgot the returns around the garage.

The siding crew was able to keep working on their part and made some progress.

The excavation crew was out and hauled off the extra dirt and graded our lot.  The Production Supervisor said they are going to try to pour our driveway and sidewalk next week

There was a mix up in scheduling with the electricians so they didn't make it out today but are going to try to get out within the next few days.  When the trim crew went to install our paneling in the dining room, they noticed the outlets were 1.5" too high and need the electricians to move those down too.  So they will have to move 8 outlets in total.  Not only that the cold air return in the dining room is in the way of the paneling.  Not sure what solution they are going to work for this.  In another pictures I have seen, they have put this up higher on the wall (which is an eye soar)...????

Front yard partially graded but prepped for sidewalk staking and pouring.
The Driveway was prepped too.

Gable Fascia (Metal Flashing) mostly installed, Gable Returns Roofed and
a few of the shutters put on.
Still need all the molding around the window and door to be installed.

Our first glimpse of the back yard without mounds of dirt.
It looks weird with a house on it.

There's a enough room to do something with this space
...not sure what yet, but something.

The Sample Piece on the Left is the Ebony. The Rail is our Stain.

This Double Chair Rail is Gorgeous and the Workmanship is World Class!!!

That Air Vent is in the way and you can see the electrical outlet on the wall...
These are supposed to fall below the wood panels on these walls.
If I would have known that before, I would have brought it up during the
pre-drywall meeting.

The Baseboards are done upstairs and look great!!!

These are 5.25" baseboards and really make all the difference in the world.


  1. Your showing off now look at the trim work it really is gorgeous Im so jealous of how nice everything has come together in so little time! Everything looks great inside and out.

    1. We're still 1 staircase behind you. :) The moldings have exceeded our expectations and they are really making the house our home.

  2. It looks wonderful. We are doing the double chair rail too and I can't wait. I agree the larger moldings make a huge difference. These houses are massive and the larger moldings make a state. I think you chose well on the staining. The ebony looks muddy and doesn't look very good.

    1. The ebony stain definitely wasn't what we were looking for. I'm hoping the other stain works out because by itself, it is really pretty.

  3. So envious you're not locked out and can see your lovely floors! Isn't it funny how much difference seeing your yard graded makes? All of a sudden, it looks so much more finished. Looks great! You don't really have 33 more days, do you? Seems like you should be in much sooner than that.

    1. We would be locked out but have been able to go by while someone is working. I know, we have feared or are dreading the day where we are having to just look through the windows. I am a little curious with what they are going to do over the next month? Either way, NVR couldn't put the closing together fast enough for an earlier closing.

  4. I dream of your home, it is so large and many sq ft is it? Its truly awesome and I am so glad you workmanship is up to par :)

    1. Thank you so much. It's just over 3,600 above ground sqft. The two story spaces and 9' ceilings are deceiving. We didn't add all the other big options like Solariums, Sun Rooms, Morning Rooms or Sitting areas. My only regret is not having a Morning Room. The Dinette is large enough for a table but I wanted the open space with all the windows to gather in. The problem with the Highgrove is that when you add the Morning Room it changes the kitchen in a way that doesn't make sense. So maybe down the road we will add our own little Sun Room. With as many projects as we have, that will be a long time from now.

    2. OBTW, your yard is really coming along.

  5. Wow! Everything is really, really coming together in your home beautifully! The color looks great too! I love it. I kept mine in the Halls, foyer area and painted the rooms. I Also love the fact that it's pretty much the same in any light unlike some greiges that look greenish.
    I'm so excited for you and your beautiful home!

    1. Thanks. :) we went to Sherwin Williams a while ago (before we picked our paint color with RH) and looked for the recommended coordinating colors. We were originally surprised to see that gray was one of the colors. Since I saw those color swatches I've been noticing rooms with those colors and really like the palette. Time to broaden my color horizons I guess?