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Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 58: Interior Paint and an Early Christmas

Final Brick:
The brick in the back was finished, so we are ready for siding.  Coincidentally, our siding showed up and should begin this weekend.

Brick Washing:
When we pulled up to the house and there was a guy pressure washing our brick.  It didn't look like they were doing any sort of acid wash.  There may have been some sort of mixture but he just did a single pass with the pressure washer... no rinse and repeat.

The painters were in and put the first coat of paint on the walls.  They weren't going to do a second coat.  I guess we get this later because it really needed it.  You can see the difference between where the drywall mud was and the bare drywall.

The tile guys were there getting ready to tile our bathroom and the seat in our shower was 5/8" off from one end to the other and there was some sort of discrepancy where the vanities meet the tub platform.  So they left.  They are supposed to be back tomorrow.

Christmas in June.
A semi was backed into our house offloading our entire Trim Package.  The trim crew is supposed to be in Monday or Tuesday next week to begin putting all this great stuff in.

On the horizon:
- Hardwood flooring tomorrow (Saturday, June 15th)
- Siding tomorrow (Saturday, June 15th)
- Trim work begins (Mon/Tue, June 17/18th)
- Oak Stair Tread staining (Tuesday, June 18th). We asked to speak to the supervisor in charge of this operation.  We are really concerned about the banisters and treads being too dark.  We requested Dark Oak but we don't want it Black. We saw a Courtland with Dark Cherry and metal balusters and the wood washed out the iron balusters.  It was really disappointing.  Crossing our fingers on this.

Here are a few pics.  Like a dummy, I didn't bring my camera, so these are taken with my phone. Sorry. for the poor quality.

Christmas in June!!!!

The guys unloading our stuff were just as excited about what we were getting
as us. All they do is deliver RH goods, including Doors and Windows. They
delivered our wood package and doors and windows.  They were telling me
they were really excited to see this house be built when they dropped off the
wood package a few weeks ago. They said they can always tell when someone
is getting the good stuff.  Both great guys, I really appreciated how friendly
they were and they were extremely careful with how they put everything
in the garage.  They didn't just throw the stuff in there.

There's some oak in there.

Pavillion Beige

They had just started "cutting-in" when we left

They hadn't finished cutting in yet

All our Goodies!!!

The Asst PM was there and opened one of the Cabinet Boxes.... :-)

Our Siding

Finished Brick on back

Finished Brick with Strange German Fireplace

Our Shutters


  1. The paint looks really good love the color and santa makes house calls in June you all must be on the nice list!

    1. The builder only gave us a few choices in paint colors but we may have picked this one on our own anyway. We wanted to start with a warm, rich color and then do coordinating rooms and accent walls from there. I really did not want to paint that family room or foyer.

      IRT being on Santa's nice list...with all the B&E's we've done on other homes under construction in the past few months...we should have gotten a dump truck full of coal. I like what we got better though!

      Your house looks great by the way!!!!!!! Really coming along.

  2. We've got the same paint color, and it's really lovely, especially with the white trim. You're lucky; with your textured ceilings, they're already white. We have pavilion beige on the ceilings, too. It's ok for now, but I am a fan of crisp, white ceilings.

    I can't believe how quickly your wonderful home is coming together! It seems like you started well after ours, but you're really not too far behind. Love all your pictures, and I am really looking forward to seeing how your staircase comes out. Hope they can change the stain color, but it should be gorgeous in any case.

  3. I'm dying to see those floors go in and the trim. The brick turned out very well.

  4. That's the good stuff indeed! Can't wait to see all the goodies go in!!! Excited for ya....