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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 64: Siding Day 3 and Trim Day 3

The siding crew finished adding all the hardy plank.  Now they just have to finish the flashing along the gables.  They are still waiting on the roofers to be able to finish some of that work.

I spoke with the Production Supervisor (he's our PM's supervisor and is filling in while the PM is on vacation) this evening and he said they should be out tomorrow.

The trim crew got quite a bit done upstairs with the doors, casings, vanities, mirrors, etc.  They probably have another half day upstairs and then can hang the doors and set the vanities and mirror in the basement.  This process is going slower than I would have anticipated but I'm not that sad about it.  This is one of the best trim crews RH has in the area (not the fastest).  The Craftsman that is working on our house has been doing this for over 40 years.  From what I've seen, I have zero complaints about the workmanship... and this is the stuff you really see.

The granite company came out and made their templates this morning, so hopefully our counter tops are on the horizon somewhere.

The three sinks we are missing were rejected by the RH factory due to defects and had to be re-ordered.  Glad they did that versus install them.  We are also missing a piece of our cat walk railing but it should be in next week.  Finally, there was an outlet I was worried about being in the way for the fireplace moldings.  I really didn't notice it until they put in the hardwoods and cut out for the hearth.  This gave me the visual for how wide the fireplace moldings were going to be.  Where it is right now, the granite surround would cover it up.  I would like to say I should have caught this during the pre-drywall walk-thru...but I just missed it.  :(

Here's the finished product (plus construction dust)

Close-up looks a little lighter

Note the wood on the bottom left.
The Painter is gong to come out and put the next shade
darker on those samples so we can see the difference.
The next shade darker is called Ebony. That sounds dark.

Cat walk railings going in.

Jack and Jill Bath Vanity installed

Another shot of railings

Master vanities installed. Ignore the fast moving blur in the corner.

The Bronze Pulls actually dress up these cabinets.

All the doors are installed in our bedroom

More pics of the railings.

You can almost see the double char rail at the other
end of the cat walk.


  1. Wow is all I can say things are moving along it really looks cozy in there! And about that fast moving blur I think I have 3 of those things running around in every picture! The stairs look great with the railings cant wait to see the final walk through pics and the granite.

    1. We've only brought him out a few times because he is all over the place and you need 4 extra pairs of hands to keep a hold of him. All the 2nd floor windows were open and I was having a heart attack.

      Can't wait to see the granite too. I like the wall color in most of the house but I don't like the contrast in the kitchen. We'll see what happens after the counters go in. We are going to do a back splash anyway.

  2. I can tell that the house is going to have some really nice details. Looking good :)

    1. Thanks...they guys are doing great work.

  3. As usual, huge fan of your home. I'm glad you are getting top notch work on your trim, I keep hearing about poorly installed moldings and it nice to know that they seem to be paying attention to detail on your home.

    1. They certainly called in the big guns for our project. This crew usually builds the models in our area and they are building our home as if thousands of people are going to view it and their reputation is on the line.