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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 71: Trim and Door Painting

The painters were back in and painted the interior doors and trim.  They sprayed everything, so there is lots of over spray on the walls.  This seems like a smart and efficient way to do this.  You get good even coverage without brush strokes and it is easier to cut in with the wall color than the trim.

We did get a load of gravel for the sidewalk.  Hopefully they will be spreading that out soon and pouring more concrete.

Still no sign of the electricians.  I'm starting to have de javu from the last time we were waiting on these guys.  I'm hoping them not showing up had to do with the painters or something simple like that.

Door Casings Painted

Columns and Doors Painted. I'm really hoping that
is masking tape on the floor and not my hardwoods.

Hand rails stained and more painted char rail.
I like how the chair rail meets the hand rails here.

Tray ceiling, crown molding, chair rail and column painted.

These trays are taking shape.  If only we had a chandelier to look at.

Blue tape started showing up. So the Blue Tape
Game has begun.

These are going to need additional coats.

Not sure if I was falling down here or what?

This is the char rail on our stairs. It looks pretty neat.

The sun just didn't want me to take this picture.
I took 4 of them and this was the best one.

The door gallery in our bedroom.

Cat walk stained


  1. As usual everything is lovely I cant believe its almost done WOW the trim is awesome I cant wait to see it all come together!

    1. Now it's down to thousands of little details. Ugh!

  2. It looks great. I am surprised they paint the walls and then the trim and then go back over the walls. It seems easier to do the trim and cut in with the wall color, but I don't do this for a living. Can't wait to see the floors exposed with the paint.

    1. The first coat of paint is really considered the primer. I guess it would work either way. I think I like not having the white caulking showing.

  3. For the thousandth time...I LOVE IT! I think etween you and Nadine, I have finally found out who I want to be when I grow up. Lol

  4. This is a beautiful floor plan. I love the cascading steps.

    1. Thanks. That was certainly on our list of selling points. Much like the Rome and how you can create the coffered ceiling in the foyer, we wanted the wow factor when you walk in.

  5. Beautiful. I think details like these put the charm and character into a house! Its Gorgeous!!!

    1. I agree...I don't know mow many times we all say, "They just don't build them like they used it." I really like the 100 year old colonial homes with all the tall base boards, columns, panels and wainscoting. The issue is finding one you can afford in move in condition, being able to afford the utility bills, being comfortable in the home during the winter and having deep enough pockets to fix it when things go really wrong.

      I think by adding this upgraded molding package you get a little old world charm with the Energy Star 3.0 savings and peace of mind you get from a new home.