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Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 74, 75: Granite Counter Tops and More

Day 74: Sunday, June 30, 2013...No Work

Day 75: Monday, July 1st, 2013

The plumbers were in and installed bath, shower and sink fixtures and drains.  They still have a few items to do but are almost done.

The painters were still working away finishing all the trim in the dining room and stairs.

The stainer finished the stairs.

The granite counter tops were installed.

Some how there was a mix up and they didn't order/measure/cut/make the counter top for the butler pantry.  This hopefully will be ordered and installed soon.

Still need the formica counter top in the laundry room so the plumbers can set the sink.

A look ahead...
- There may be little to no work going on in our house this week due to the holiday. The PM is scheduling nearly everything for next week (My theory is that he is realizing I was right and he was 2 weeks off on his estimate, so he is sand bagging the project to bring us in closer to the projected finish date).
- The PM did say we should have cleaners in on Monday, then carpet shortly there after.
- We are waiting on weather to pour the remaining walkways and sidewalks.  They have been trying to pour since last Saturday.  As soon as they poor, they will re-grade the front of the house and bring in sod and landscaping.

So what's left?

- Granite counter tops in Butler Pantry
- Formica in Laundry Room

 - Swap wrong fixture in the Formal Living Room
 - Missing parts to install electrical for double oven
 - Need to install under cabinet lighting (x5)
 - Need to install light in upstairs niche
 - Need to install all our ceiling fans (x4)
 - Missing 1 Smoke and CO2 detector in basement
 - Need can light for one of the bathrooms
 - Lights in basement (Storage areas) are all linked together are supposed to be on their own switches

- Basement vanity top and sink
- Interior Door Handles
- Trim around double oven after installation
- Missing piece of trim on stairs
- Install attic stairs
- Replace cabinet back for cabinet above microwave (they were going to install the electrical outlet for the microwave in the glass front basically you would see the outlet and plug for the microwave)

- Kitchen faucet
- Set sink, faucet and drain in laundry room
- Basement Bathroom sink, faucet and drain
- Shower surrounds (x2)
- Towel rods and paper holders

- Do touch ups from future blue tape rounds (this will probably include all the painting from the repairs above)
- Exterior trim needs to be painted
- Paint front door (apparently the door that was painted in our house was not ours...but the same color)

- Install Microwave (Still need to cut vent for the hood portion of this appliance)
- Install Double Oven (Electricians still need to do their part on this)

- Finish trim around front door and foyer palladium window

- Finishing pouring: Stoop, walk-way, sidewalk and bottom of driveway

- Finish grading the front yard after cement is poured

- Install carpet and transition strips between different flooring.

- Everything (Trees, shrubs, bushes, sod, seed and straw)

- Fix hole made from moving light switch at bottom of stairs
- Fix hole made from moving air return in dining room
- Fix holes made from moving electrical outlets in kitchen for back splash
- Work off blue tape discrepancies

Other Misc.
- Install Mail Box
- Install permanent air vents on first floor
- Install Closet Racks
- Hang front door and install handle and lock set
- Caulk around the outside of the windows and in between the brick
- Install all the screens on the windows

- Energy Star Inspection and Certification
- Water Inspection by Health Department
- Final County Inspection for Certificate of Occupancy

- Need to run cable to the street (or the ugly box in front of my yard)
- Need to run telephone to the street

Home stretch:
- Clean house, garage, yard and get ready for closing

Here are some Pictures from today...

Wanted a picture of the Foyer Chandelier from the outside

Let there be Granite and there was...

I wanted it to have some gold but it may be a little too gold...not sure yet.
I think when the cardboard comes off the floors it will have help ground this space

Dining Room...with paneling

They had to mount these outlets in the back splash :(

I really like that detail about the fire place

Missing can light and some of these fixtures just
don't match.  We'll have to ask about this.

Awww...the bathtub is calling my name...just needs a good thorough cleaning.

Roman shower...just need surround.

Columns installed and painted

Almost done, just need ceiling fans

I'm pretty sure this chandelier isn't crooked (not centered on window) and it
was just where I was standing when I took the picture.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, can't wait to use it... We will probably need it after doing all this moving. Ughhh...

  2. The granite looks great with the cabinets! Loving the shower too.

    1. Thank you. It's not too Gold, or too Dark?

  3. The granite is perfect definitely not too gold or dark ST Cecilia comes in so many forms it used to be called new venetian gold so its always kinda "goldy" but it looks beautiful.

    1. Thanks. It was darker and more gold than we were expecting. I think it will be ok when the floors are visible and we bring in accents and add a different color paint and backsplash.

  4. I absolutely love your kitchen! I AM a white/cream colored cabinet girl and can certainly appreciate the granite...not too gold at all. Can you find out the color and brand of the standard two-tone paint? I would like to share the info with our builder. The color is neutral but offers a noticeable contrast; especially on the wall of windows and fireplace. Beautiful home!!!

    1. Thanks. The paint is Sherwinn Williams Pavillion Beige.

  5. It sure looks like your house is 97 percent done. I know they still have a large list but all the finishes look wonderful. I think your counter tops are pretty. They will soften with your floor, the warmth of the dark woods will pull it all together. Right now they are playing off the floor cover. You will love it once you see your floors.

    1. Thanks, we hope the floors will do the trick.

  6. WOW! That Kitchen! and That Bath!! Its all just so gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, we are really happy with how it is turning out. All the doubt and worries for nothing.

  7. Love that granite! I agree with you--once the cardboard is off the floors, the goldness should subside a bit. It all looks great. You are almost three weeks from being finished!

    1. I know, like you guys we are excited and a bit freaked out!

  8. I love the granite and I bet you can spray those plates and get it to blend better with the granite. I have discovered spray paint makes everything better! LOL
    Also we had to go private if you would like to follow us still please email me @ so I can add you back in. Sorry about all the trouble.

    1. The PM offered to replace them with a darker color. Not sure if we are even going to notice them once we get stuff in the room.

  9. WOW! The cabinet space is remarkable!! I have a whole lot of empty cabinets and so excited to have them. But you have twice as much, what a blessing!!!

    1. Compared to the rental we are in, anything is an upgrade. This is certainly a few steps up and we too might have some empty cabinets.

  10. Wow, the number of cabinets in the kitchen is amazing!
    What kind of island is that? It doesn't look like the standard or gourmet that we had to choose from...must be something unique to your area I guess. But I want one of those! haha

    1. It was the standard island for our kitchen. When you add the morning room, you can add a eat in bar and cabinets but the basic island doesn't change.

  11. This is the most beautiful RH I've come accross!! Wow really lovely, I like everything about ur house! It looks really expensive! Http://

    1. Thanks so much. I'm a big fan of the Victoria Falls too. It's one of my favorite floor plans.

  12. Simply Stunning we are planning to get a Highgrove built in MD, we have some of the same ideas to have the features you choose for your home. Very motivated!

  13. May I ask you what granite choice you used? We are just building our RH. I was told not to paint for a year b/c they will come make any fixes (if needed) but not if we paint. I didn't think to ask about builder grade paint choices and assumed my house will just be white! Is this standard for RH?

    1. Our granite is Santa Cecilia. There is a lot of variation from slab to slab. We would have preferred if it were less gold. Other than that we do like the granite. In terms of paint. You are right. We paid to have them paint everything Pavilion Beige and as soon as we finished our 10 month we started painting walls. They use Flat paint which both looks bad to begin with and isn't easily cleaned (Magic Sponges do work). We ended up going with Sherwin Williams Duration Matte Finish paint. We love the sheen and it is really easy to keep clean.