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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 77-81: Final Trim, Initial Cleaning and More

Day 77: Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013
The cleaners came in and did an initial clean of the house. Tubs, sinks, stairs, etc. were wiped down and dusted.

All the screens were installed throughout the house (except the patio).

The towel holders and paper holders were installed.

Also, the closet and pantry wire racks were installed.

Day 78: Thursday, July 4th...Day off.

Day 79: Friday, July 5th, 2013
The gutters were installed but they didn't put in the down spouts.  Which turned out to be a bad thing with all the rain we got.  So instead of the rain evenly rolling off the roof, it was concentrated through holes in the gutters and drilled large holes in the ground near the foundation.  Then filled with water and made nice large lakes.

Day 80: Saturday, July 6th, 2013
The trim carpenters were back in and did their final punch list.  They installed our double oven (the cabinet had to be cut out), installed all but one of the door knobs and finished putting the molding on our stairs (they were missing one of the pieces they needed from the factory).  Finally they installed the pull down stairs for the attic.

Day 81: Sunday, July 7th, 2013...Day off.
We did go shopping and purchased a dinette table and chairs.  We were back and forth on this and decided not to spend the money on the heirloom quality pieces we were looking at until our little boy gets older.  Although you could refinish the stuff we were looking at... it would have broken our hearts to have to.  So we are still upgrading from what we have but not spending nearly as much.  We went with the Ronan Dining table set from Pier 1 with 4 of the wooden chairs and 2 upholstered chairs to put on the ends of the table (The chairs we purchased are not on the website so I'll have to get a picture of them).

Powder Room

Powder Room

There is no way this dude was going to fit in that cabinet

Jack and Jill

Master Closet #1 (Only showing 1 wall)

Master Closet #2

Master Closet #2

Master Bath

Master Bath Linen Closet

Upstairs Linen Closet

Walk-in (kinda) Pantry



Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Handles

Not really crazy about this style door stop but they were installed...check

The last bit of trim on the stairs

Double Oven Installed

Basement Vanity came in and was installed...
Still needs faucets and drains.

Attic stairs. Not sure what they are going to do to finish
this. Probably just paint it. They can't put insulation over
it like what they normally do. Again, not sure how this
will be finished.

The Ronan Dining Collection and Pier 1
Tobacco Brown Finish

Ronan Dining Table for Dinette


  1. We have a pull-down attic too, and they put a sort of insulated hatch on it that you just push out of the way to enter the space. That way, it's still protecting against the heat/cold. And we've got the same Ronan chairs from Pier 1, but the counter stools rather than the chairs. I knew we shared the same exceptional taste! :)

    1. I'm going to talk with the PM this week on a solution for the attic. There isn't that much of the attic open. They could just seal the opening. We have another access point, so it wouldn't be a bid deal.

      We liked the Ronan. They aren't so contemporary that you can't add some sort of transitional or traditional accents. Our house is so formal that it would be difficult to do modern décor.

  2. There must be an easy fix for the attic. Worst case you can do it after you move in. See what you can find on the Internet and if your pm doesn't have a great plan suggest it to him and maybe they can do it.
    I also wish they could splurge a bit on the towel racks, apparently they don't use more than a wash cloth in each bathroom. Also another easy fix after you've moved in but it would be nice if they installed a few more places to hang towels.

    1. I agree about the towel holders. We had already looked at the hand towel holders and towel racks. We will just add it to the long list of things to do,

  3. love your metal balusters!! house looks great!

  4. Awesome! Everything looks great. Its getting really close...