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Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 86: More Plumbing, Electrical and Concrete

The electricians finished hooking up our double oven, installed the two bathroom lights that were missing and all our under cabinet lights.  They still have a few items to do on the punch list below.

The plumbers installed the laundry sink, kitchen faucet, basement bath fixtures and swapped out all the chrome fixtures for oil rubbed bronze.

The trim carpenters installed our microwave, replaced the paneling that was removed to patch the air vent in the dining room and installed trim pieces to hide the gaps behind the cabinets in the kitchen.

The concrete crew was out to install the rest of our driveway, the sidewalk at the street and our walk way and stoop.  They ran out of concrete and left 1 section of the sidewalk not poured...but for the most part they are done.  We can start landscaping now.

On the Horizon:
- Continued punch out items getting ready for Quality Inspection.
- Landscaping this upcoming Wednesday... we hope. They are supposed to do the final grading and run a rock hound over the lot.

Missing parts:
- Cabinet back for Glass Cabinet in Kitchen
- Columns for either side of front door
- Ceiling fans
- Surface mounted light for formal living room
- Door knob for laundry room door
- Cracked front window in dining room

Laundry Sink. Bigger than I thought it was going to be.
That is the Travertine Laminate top. Not bad actually, a good match with cabinets.

Sad little faucet for such a grand house. We didn't like any of the upgrade
options and especially the prices. They didn't have an
oil rubbed bronze option at all.

Microwave in and ready for use. Plumbers are supposed
to be installing the gas cook top. Also, notice the under cabinet lights.

Under cabinet lights in butler pantry.

I think this is supposed to be the niche light. What a mess!!!

All the chrome was swapped out for bronze.

Bronze vice chrome

Basement bath finished

This is how they hooked up our microwave.

Finally a walk way

Walk way...Yeah!!!

This should make it easier to step up into the house.

So what's left?

 - Swap wrong fixture in the Formal Living Room (Still waiting on Light)
 - Need to install all our ceiling fans (x4). Waiting for these to come in.
 - Lights in basement (Storage areas) are all linked together are supposed to be on their own switches (didn't verify this was done yet.).

- Interior Door Handles (They missed 1. Will probably be installed by Punch Out Guy)
- Replace cabinet back for cabinet above microwave (they were going to install the electrical outlet for the microwave in the glass front basically you would see the outlet and plug for the microwave)
- Tighten one of the railings on the cat walk

- Shower surrounds (x2)
- Install Gas Cook Top

- Do touch ups from future blue tape rounds (this will probably include all the painting from the repairs above)
- Exterior trim needs to be painted (Finish this once parts come in for trim around door)
- Paint front door (apparently the door that was painted in our house was not ours...but the same color)

- Install Gas Cook Top (Done by Plumbers)

- Finish trim around front door and foyer palladium window (Still waiting on parts)

- Finish grading the front yard after cement is poured. This will be done by the landscaping company.  I also asked if they were going to run a rock hound over the yard and the answer was "Yes".  This is going to be done by the landscaping company, not the excavation company.

- Install carpet runner on stairs (still haven't done this)
- Fix large gap they left next to wall in basement. The carpet didn't quite make it all the way to the wall.

- Everything (Trees, shrubs, bushes, sod, seed, straw and irrigation system)

- Patch new holes made by electricians
- Work off blue tape discrepancies (This has already begun)

Other Misc.
- Install permanent air vents on first floor
- Hang front door and install handle and lock set
- Caulk around the outside of the windows and in between the brick
- Put Address #'s on Mail Box
- Insulate Attic Stairs (They are going to do some sort of batting at the top of the scuttle)
- Paint Attic Stairs closure
- Install covers/trim pieces over dryer vent in laundry room
- Install covers/trim pieces over washer spigots in laundry room

- Energy Star Inspection and Certification (Can do now that carpet is installed)
- Water Inspection by Health Department (Can be done at any time now)
- Final County Inspection for Certificate of Occupancy (This is ready once electricians and plumbers are done...can be anytime between the end of this week and end of next)
- Quality Inspection by Third Party (This is a bigger deal to the PM than the above inspections. This is one of the things that effect their bonus...I suspect they will be preparing for this the next week or more).

- Need to run cable to the street (or the ugly box in front of my yard)
- Need to run telephone to the street

Home stretch:
- Clean house, garage, yard and get ready for closing
- There is tons of boxes and trash in our garage since the dumpster has been taken away.
- The brick in our front yard was finally hauled off


  1. It's all so lovely! Can't believe how close you are now.

    1. I'm really hoping this laundry list is gone by next week. It sort of has to be. Our walk thru is the week after. We have hated the rental were in since before we even moved in. We can't get out of here fast enough.

  2. Why did they swap out the fixtures? Also you unless you like the bathroom light fixtures bowl up you might ask them to flip them over, they are terrible to clean and they catch everything, plus you will get more light the other way.

    1. For some reason when they set the tubs they use the drains and over flow valves that they have on the truck. Basically chrome. They didn't match the oil rubbed bronze faucet and on/off valves. Good idea on the lights, not sure they will do it and what it would look like.

    2. Though you would get more light with them flipped facing down, facing up avoids having to look at the ugly energy efficient bulbs. Mine haven't gotten all that dirty and I get plenty of light.

  3. You all are so close now goodness time flew by really fast everything looks fantastic I love all the finishes very pretty home!

    1. for the hard stuff...moving! Ughhh. It's hard to be too excited about closing because that signals the start of the move. Talk to me in a month, I will probably be much happier. :)

  4. Wow! AMAZING!! Things just look great!! Love your kitchen. We have the same cabinets and granite. We didn't do cabinets in the laundry room and I so wish we would have now! Yours look great!! and... I so feel your pain on wanting to get out of your rental! We have 2 months left in this tiny matchbox of an apartment that we live in!

    1. We hadn't gotten those originally either but added them when we received a credit from the builder for a design change. We have wire shelves in our current house and I think I will appreciate the cabinets a lot more. We've installed them in other homes and it helps organize all the clutter.

  5. The oil rubbed bronze looks so classy. We didn't get this upgrade, but it's something I plan on doing in the future. I would hate moving too if I had to move as many times as you and your family. My husband was in the USN for 8 years and we met during his last year of service. The only big move we've had together was from FL to NC.

    1. We went back and forth on several options...if only we had an unlimited budget... :( We will have plenty to do over the next several years...which is Ok considering we like the idea of DIY projects.

      We were stationed in Pensacola a few times. Been through Jacksonville but not stationed there. We used to live in the "Heart of the Triad", NC years ago. If there were better jobs there for us, we would have retired there. Maybe someday but 1 career down, 1 more to go.

    2. Having an unlimited budget is like having a pet unicorn lol...We moved here from Jacksonville.