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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Furniture Update - Dinette

We were going back and forth on what to put in our dinette.  We really liked a set by Kincaid in their Sturlyn collection.  It is heirloom quality furniture and seeing how we are furnishing our last house (until we buy the small bungalow on a warm beach somewhere), we wanted the furniture to last.

We had 3 issues with this for the dinette:
1.) We have a 4 year old boy who would be using it everyday... scratches, dents, dings on a very expensive piece of furniture. On the upside it was solid wood, no veneer, so it could be re-finished.
2.) It was very expensive.  We will end up spending less on the table, chairs, rug, buffet and place settings than the Kincaid table alone, not including chairs.  The difference is, the Kincaid will last longer than us, while we will have to replace the set we bought in 3-5 years. Hopefully our little boy will be less destructive by then and then we will get the more expensive set.
3.) The round table has a 60" diameter.  We wanted a round or curved table to facilitate traffic flow but were concerned that either the patio door would swing in and hit the back of the chairs or we would restrict flow into the kitchen.  What we ended up with has a 48" diameter but is 68" long with leaf installed.  Our dinette is rectangular so this works out well.  We will also end up with seating for 6 versus 5.

This is what we ended up going with:

We purchased the Ronan table and chairs from Pier 1, pictures below.  We decided to put 4 Ronan chairs on the sides and 2 upholstered chairs on the ends.

We found a Tommy Bahama rug at a local overstock warehouse.  When it was new it sold for $1,200 but was marked at $249 in the store.  We didn't realize this until we got to the register.  It was in the middle of a pile of rugs marked $79.  It was the last one and had some soil spots on the bottom corners (not visible on the top). The clerk that worked in the area said he could give us 25% because it was damaged (basically giving us a coupon they had out that we didn't have).  After some back and forth at the register, they honored the $79 price and took 25% off making it $59 for a $249 rug (Score).  We had never been to this store before and although it was a large close out type of store, the customer service was pretty good and we will probably go back.

The set will go below the chandelier in the picture.

Part of Pier 1 Ronan Collection
Still need to find place settings...
Four of these (2 Per Side)...haven't found cushions yet.
Pier 1 Ronan Dining Chair

Two of these (On either end of the table)
Pier 1 Carmilla Dining Chair (Ivory)

In place of Built In Buffet Option (Still need to order this)
Pier 1 Indira Buffet

Tommy Bahama Island Gold Rug (5'x8')


  1. WOW! Nice selections! I should say your dinette area looks huge!

    1. That is part of the reason we didn't add the morning room. We just didn't need it. I'm hoping what we bought fits and looks good in the space.