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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 92: Landscaping Day 2 and More

Lots of stuff happening around the house today.

- Finished grading.
- Sod went in.
- Shrubs and plants went in.
- Got a Pair of Pear Trees.
- Some of the mulch went in.  Looks like they ran out.
- The seed and straw went in.
- The temporary irrigation system went in.

I happened to stop by while the horticulturists was setting the plants.  She asked me if I had a preference.  I wasn't too concerned considering what I saw looked very nice but I had seen other RH houses that did a little planning around the coach light.  They created a curved area to soften the sharp corner of the walk way and accent the light.  They had run out of mulch so I haven't seen it complete yet but it turned out nice (save fro the broken light they hit with the bobcat).

One note on landscaping.  I asked the PM at least 3 times including yesterday and in writing if they were going to run a rock hound over the yard.  I couldn't walk 3 steps without hitting a large rock in our back yard.  Not little pebbles but rocks laying on the surface that were at least 8-12" long.  They have already laid the straw and seeded.  This isn't an easy fix.

- The painters nearly completed the punch out.  I think they have maybe an hours worth of work tomorrow.
- They put a coat of paint over the bottom of the attic stairs.  This just doesn't look finished to me.  They didn't use finish grade plywood and the grain shows through the paint.  It looks like something you would find in the garage, not a bedroom.  Not to mention the cord is still hanging down and we talked about coming up with a way to hang it up out of the way.  All I need is my 4 year old noticing it and trying to figure out how to get up there in the middle of the night.

- The siding crew came by and installed the trim/molding around the front door.

Garage Doors:
- The hardware was added to the 1 car garage side.

- All our ceiling fans and other lights showed up. The PM assured me they would be there today and finish the job.  Well as of 6pm...they were not there and did not finish the job.  I would like to say I'm surprised but I am not...and the PM said this is their good crew.  If this is the good one, I would hate to see what the bad one looks like.

- Installed Gas Cook Top.

- Front door handle and lock was installed.
- Safety rail was mounted on the back porch.
- The egress well grate was installed, along with the little ladder.
- They fixed the loose stair railing and one of the squeaks on the cat walk.

On the Horizon:
- Final County Building Inspection scheduled for tomorrow.
- The punch out guy will be doing small things right up until the QI.
- Painters will be back tomorrow to do a few touch up items.
- Landscapers should be in tomorrow to finish mulching and setting up the irrigation system.
- The electricians are still MIA...I can see them waiting until Saturday to do their job.
- The cleaners come tomorrow.

Missing parts:
- Door knob for laundry room door
- New coach light that was broken (It looks like they fixed our old one and are just going to stick it back on.
- Sconce light for basement stairs. Sent the PM a text about the dome light and he had it ordered within minutes and texted me back.  So that will be installed when it comes in.  It might be an "after closing" item.
- Numbers for Mail Box.

Landscaping 95% done. Trim around front door and foyer window (finally)!

We really need all this other color to break up the brick.
I can't believe what a difference the door, molding and landscaping has made.

A Pair of Pear Trees
They said these get 35' wide....WOW...

Old ugly vents ones in. Still would like the faux rot iron ones.

Gas Cook Top Finally in.

Hole in cabinet fixed

Dishwasher revealed

Safety Rail and screen door...loving this :(

Our Ceiling Fans and Light Kits
To bad we didn't have electricians.

Railing put back on

Attic access painted
Still no insulation

Egress Window Grate and Stairs

Carriage Door Hardware Installed

Looks like a farm out here

There is NO SHADE back here and let me tell you we felt it. Ouch...

So what's left?

Electricians (At this Point, I may install these things and send RH a bill!!!):
 - Swap wrong fixture in the Formal Living Room
 - Need to install all our ceiling fans (x4)
 - Lights in basement (Storage areas) are all linked together are supposed to be on their own switches (didn't verify this was done yet.).
- Light in basement bathroom
- Fix Coach light outside
- Swap dome light at top of basement stairs

- Interior Door Handle on Laundry Room Door.

- A few small touch ups.
- There is some painting around the trim on the outside of the house.

- There are two small pieces of fascia that need to be added. You have to get up close to even notice.

- Run a rock hound over the yard (THIS WAS NOT DONE!!!)

- Install carpet runner on stairs (still haven't done this)

- Finish Mulching
- Finish Setting up Irrigation System

Other Misc.
- Caulk around the outside of the windows and in between the brick (I'm haven't talked to the PM about this, I'll probably address tomorrow).
- Put Address #'s on Mail Box (1 Side Complete, just need the other side). Parts are back ordered.
- Insulate Attic Stairs (They are going to do some sort of batting at the top of the scuttle)

- Final County Inspection for Certificate of Occupancy (Scheduled for Tomorrow)
- Quality Inspection by Third Party (Scheduled for Monday).
- Water Inspection by Health Department (Not sure when this is going to happen)

Utilities: (I'll ask the PM about this tomorrow)
- Need to run cable to the street
- Need to run telephone to the street

Home stretch:
- Clean house, garage, yard and get ready for closing


  1. I feel you about the shade. We don't have any in the front until late in the day, and our poor AC upstairs has been really straining in this heatspell. We are having the service guy out on Monday to make sure nothing's wrong. That view from the back corner of the backyard is epic! That's a fantastic yard, particularly for a basement lot!

    1. Lots of room to do something fabulous with. Not sure what we are going to do but it's going to involve shade... :)

  2. WOW! It looks fantastic. Like a picture out of a magazine- just lovely.

    1. Thanks, we're really happy with how it all turned out. We hadn't seen this model in person when we purchased it and made all the selections.

  3. looks beautiful! Love your landscaping option!

    1. Thanks, I think it will look much better when the sod takes. Other homes in our area seem to have done pretty well with sod only taking a few weeks.

  4. Everything is beautiful cant wait to see your "WE CLOSED" post its so soon now!

  5. Wow! Everything is beautiful and you are coming along real quickly. That yard is fabulous too! I cant wait to see your deco!

  6. Very cool... not much left! :-)