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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 31: Final Roof and Water, Sewer Lines

First of all, I was happy to see the roofers finally come out and finish the roof.  We have lots of rain in the forecast and had at least 2 days of water coming into the house since the roof sheathing has been on.

No sign of the plumbers or framers.  Well the framers are on the Courtland behind us but not on our house.  They are done with the 2nd floor on the Courtland but haven't gotten a crane out to get the trusses up there yet.  I'm starting to see a conflict coming between the plumbers and framers which may result in another schedule slip.

Roofers just finishing up...

Look Mom No Hands

Looks nice and straight...

The pictures below are of some random angles of the house that I haven't taken or posted before.

View from Future Neighbors Yard

View from other side of Horseshoe

View Across Church's Property from Main Road Leading to Development
The Ball Fields, Tennis/Bball Courts are all owned by this Church next to our house

Fields owned by Church but on the other side of their building.

Just when I thought we might get the big mound of dirt off our front yard, they came out and dug a huge trench and put an even larger mound of dirt than there was before.  They are running the water and sewer lines to the house.

Future Site of our Water and Sewer Lines


  1. We really like the angles that the pictures are taken from the different locations really show off the unique angles of the house its a big bold beautiful house you all must be so happy right now!

    1. We figured it was a good opportunity to get some pictures of our house from the side before anyone builds there. We have run across a few other Highgroves and you can't really see what they look like from the side and back because of how they are sitting on the lot and with the other houses around them. When we looked at these pictures, we were beyond excited about how beautiful this house really is. So far it has exceeded our expectations and we haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet.

      Now that the grass is green and the trees have come into bloom our neighborhood looks better than we could have hoped. We feel extremely lucky to have stumbled across this development.