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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 15: Inspections and Corrections

Plumbing Inspection = Pass

Waterproofing Inspection = Pass

Slab Inspection = FAIL

Looks like one of the pier locations was wrong and had to be re-poured.  It's kind of odd ball footing.  There isn't a steel beam above it, so I'm not sure what it will carry.

The work was done today (Thursday, May 2nd) but the re-inspection is scheduled for Monday (May 6th).  They may re-schedule the inspection for tomorrow and get a crew out to pour the slabs but I don't know if the steel company has work to do or not.  With this delay they will probably not start framing until late Monday (May 6th), or Tuesday (May 7th).

Finished Grading Garage and Basement to get ready for slabs.

Garage Ready for Concrete Slab

Basement Ready for Concrete Slab

Poured misplaced pier location (according to county inspection records):

I have no idea what this actually does?
I checked construction photos from another High Grove and no Pier goes here.

Chipped Foundation = Fixed

Ugly but fixed

Back filled dirt around foundation.

Bobcat in action

This is the front porch. Final grade will be lower once the dirt settles.

Standing in front yard looking at garage

Standing near front porch looking at street.
I was sinking in the dirt so I didn't' back all the way up.

Those trees back there are planted on the property line.
Still some backyard left...
Room for a deck and maybe a stone paver outdoor fireplace?  Hmmm.

That little 2' bump out is where the dinette and rear patio door will come out.

Location of future deck


  1. Wow, that is one heck of a basement, and with 9' ceilings it will be fantastic!

    It looks like the weather is trying to cooperate now; all you need is a little more then you will be at the point where weather does not effect the build as much.

    We had a steel beam support incorrect (wrong location), thankfully after some strong conversations with PM it is getting moved. Of course it had to be moved because the beam was directly in the path of the storage door opening...

    1. I'm starting to think I should take my PM's suggestion and put in a basketball court for the winter. May have kiddie height hoops though.

      I know, we have been crossing our fingers just to be able to start framing because we know once they start it will be under a roof in a matter of a few days. If everything goes right, we could be there by next Saturday.

      The funny thing is that there isn't a steel beam that goes where they poured the footing. I checked the 1 other Highgrove Blog and they do not have a beam there either. I have no idea what goes there. I'm going to ask the PM when I talk to him next.

      I'm soo jealous of the welled exit on your home. I would have loved to do this option but it just wasn't in the budget. Your home is coming along very nicely. Can't wait to see more.

  2. The progress is fabulous Im glad the chipped piece was fixed at least you have a PM to talk to we have a busy SR who is a real estate agent and too busy for us and the builder who calls us from a restricted number now thats customer service! But so far your home is coming along really nicely Im hoping you see some framing on Saturday.

    1. I actually haven't spoken with my PM in over a week. He saw the problem and had it fixed. If he doesn't call me tomorrow, I will probably give him a call just to do a "how's it going." We go out to the site pretty regularly and I look up Permit statuses and that answers most of my questions. Maybe once we start doing the trim work inside I may have more questions but for now I'm good with what is happening and the pace that they are keeping. I think we could have poured slabs today, or even yesterday if the plumbers and waterproofing guys would have showed up Monday (oh, and not failed their inspections), but we are still good for the overall schedule.

  3. You're doing a great job keeping track of all of this. I am occasionally overwhelmed by just the framing in our house; I can't imagine watching and looking out for a basement. It's so nice to see the footprint of your house! Looking forward to seeing the walls go up!