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Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 32, 33: Plumbing and Water Sewer Complete

Sunday, May 19th (Day 32):
...much needed rest.  Did run into some friends doing a B&E on our house. They were on their way to check out theirs and stopped by ours on the way.

Monday, May 20th (Day 33):
So, I was wrong about the plumbers. They sent their "A" team and were out there bright and earlyish and got quite a bit done today. It looks like they have about half a days work left.

They missed the fact that the laundry sink is standard. Easy to miss this because its an option in the other models and standard in ours. They looked on the selection sheet and didn't see it. It also doesn't show up under the plumbing section.  That's why we had to ask early on because we couldn't tell if it was included either.

The other item that it appears they have overlooked is the 2nd shower head in the Master Bath. Will get with the PM tomorrow.

I took a bunch of pictures to photo document locations of things but I will not bore everyone with all of these.  Here are a few below.

Master Suite - Shower Pan

Master Suite - Soaking Tub

In Laundry Room

Jack and Jill Bathroom

Bathroom #4 in Bedroom #4

Bathtub hook up for Bathroom #4

1 of 2 Showers for Master. Missing 2nd.

The water and sewer guys finished up, passed their inspection and filled in the trench in my front yard. Happy about that.

Water hook-up

Please don't run these over...

Water and Sewer Covers

Our Gas Service Permit was issued, so that should go in and be inspected soon.

I just noticed that our dryer vent runs right into the only place we can build our deck. I'll have to drill through the decks ledger board and vent my dryer under the deck. I guess this isn't an issue but weird.

Site of Future deck... Approx. 18'x28'ish

They put this right through the rim joist, where the decks ledger boards
will need to go.


They are building a Courtland behind me and I was curious about the difference in size and appearance. The sales office is a Courtland and I thought it was a really nice home but I haven't seen the Highgrove sitting next to one. Here are some pictures of our house, a custom home and a Courtland in one picture.

Standing on berms inside where the new park will end up going.

Zoomed in from Future Park Location

Zoomed in even more...
They have the Finished Attic Option...jealous!

To Compare Courtland vs. Highgrove
Other than roof, has similarities.


  1. That house is hugeeeee. Nice!

    1. Thanks. I thought you had stopped making posts because they weren't coming up on my dashboard, then I went to your site and saw how much I had missed. I'm sad I didn't see how much was happening at your house. It looks great!

  2. Still looking great. Are you having RH do the deck or are you guys doing if after you move in? We had RH do it so we could use it right away and they had to pull the permits. I am still amazed at how fast the dirt turns into a house. Can't wait to see the inside.

    1. We went back and forth on this. We ended up not having them do it for 3 reasons: 1. The $4,500 they were going to charge us for a 12x16 deck went a very long ways for interior upgrades. 2. They only offer wood decks in this region and not composite. We weren't sure which way were going to go but wanted the option. 3. The distance from where we come out of our patio door to the edge of the house is nearly 30ft. We wanted the ability to have a deck that ran the full span.

      I completely understand your choice and will probably regret not having a deck until next season. Summer will almost be over by the time we move in but we will still have about 2 months of good outdoor cooking/living months left. :(