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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 36: More Framing, Plumbing and Brick

Got a call from the PM this morning with an update.  The Electricians called him this morning to tell him they wouldn't make it.  They are running behind on their other job.  The PM doesn't seem to think it will slow us don because they are going to work the weekend to get caught up.  Guardian is still on for tomorrow.  Crossing my fingers this crazy schedule all works out.

Upcoming Schedule:
- Electricians done by Tuesday, May 28
- Electrical Punch List Tuesday/Wednesday, May 28/29
- Framing/Heating inspection Wednesday/Thursday (Room re-inspect), May 29/30
- Pre-drywall Meeting Friday, maybe next Monday May 31, June 3rd

By my calculations we really need to be drywalling by June 3rd.  If we do Pre-Drywall meeting Friday, they still have to fix what ever needs fixing and insulate the house.  We'll see how this turns out?

Our brick showed up today.  It looks very light compared to what we were hoping it would look like.  I'm hoping it goes up darker than it looks in the piles.

Brick Arrived. Sugar Creek. Have NO idea when they'll start installing it.

Looks much lighter here than it should on the house (I hope!).

This Brick has lots of variation and texture. Hoping it looks more like a
British Castle than a White Castle...
although we may serve burgers from time to time.

The plumbers came back in and finished the plumbing rough-ins and the gas lines.  The framers had fixed the basement bath framing so the plumbers could set the shower and finish the bathroom.

The plumbers were not done.  It looks like they have a few more things to wrap up.  I think they may actually be good to go for the Gas Line Inspection though.  Which we needed to move on.

I'm a little upset with all the short cuts they took.  Where we are putting our Media Room.  Which is an option in this house they ran all the plumbing in that space below the joists.  Basically assuming the space was not going to be finished and to save time.  I told the foreman I was going to finish the space and not to take up my entire space with pipes.  Well he didn't' listen and did it anyway.  He did the same thing on the outside walls of the basement bath.

Pressure testing our waste water lines.  It held the pressure...That's a good thing!

Gas line for cook top

Pressure testing all gas lines

The Gas Lines were holding too... I'm REALLY happy about this one.
Don't need a Gas Leak.

Gas line exiting house

Water heater has gas but not water pipes. I also don't think this the final location.

The framers were there all day working on their punch list.  Knocked out a bunch of small things.  Too many and too boring to post pictures of.  They will have to come back tomorrow to finish up inside and then start working on the outside.

I knew this didn't look right yesterday. It looks good now.

The framers were trying to figure out how to close this area.  There is a steel beam on left hand side of the picture and HVAC vents running down under our floor joists.  We may end up with either a funny looking box on our basement ceiling or drop the ceiling in this area to accommodate those two vents.  So much for paying for 9' ceilings to just lose them due to 2 vents.

As I was leaving the house, it started pouring rain.  I could hear loud dripping sounds coming from upstairs, so I headed up there.  This is what I saw.


Big Gaping Hole in our New Roof!!! Grrrrrr

Another Big Gaping Hole in our Roof!!! Double Grrrr

After less than a minute of rain...
Apparently the plumbers had to run the furnace venting out and drilled big over sized holes in the roof, after the roof had been put on but didn't install the covers.  I saw them hanging on a nail in the garage and wondered what they were.  Now I know. Grrrrrr.  I was trying to keep any more water from coming into our house.  There is all kinds of whoopdy doos in our floor.


  1. It's coming along great! We also had the covers nailed to the garage wall! Guess that's the standard spot for all builders :)

    1. I just wish they would have installed them. I really don't like getting all this water in the house. I'm off work tomorrow, so I'm camping out at the job site. I'm sure my PM won't be happy about that. He's leaving early for the holiday, so he may not care.

  2. Did you send the pictures of the holes in the roof to your PM? Im sure he will have the roofers fix it ASAP especially if drywall is happening in the next two weeks.

    1. He was already off for the day. I don't bother him after hours. I'm going to be there tomorrow to meet with the electricians and Guardian (the low voltage wiring guys), so I'll ask about it then. We're still moving right along...I'm not going to panic yet.

  3. Hopefully they will fix it asap. The holiday weekends must cause a few mistakes with everyone scrambling to go on vacation. Just remind yourself wood is ok in the elements, plus they have fixed all the other problems. Looking forward to my own list of mistakes that I can be frustrated about too.

    1. It was no coincidence builders switched to OSB versus plywood for flooring. OSB has holes and grooves throughout the glued chips. This allows the wood to drain water and breathe better. Plywood would just hold the water, buckle and warp, when it got wet.

      My issues is that I've had moisture and mold issues in the past, while living in damp locations like where we are. I'm paranoid about water intrusion and trapped moisture from the build process in our new house. I would like to start out with a dry(ish) house and then combat water from getting in. I realize we are going to be sucking water out of the house with a dehumidifier for the first 3-5 years anyway...but will I need 1 of these units going full time or 2 to 3? We'll see.