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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 24: Final Roof Sheathing, Windows & Doors

So we are 5 days into framing and the foreman thinks they will be done tomorrow (A Sunday, arggg. I hate to see this crew come in on Sunday to finish.  We brought them doughnuts the other day, maybe we should bring them something tomorrow and it's mother's day too.).  They lost 3/4 of a day yesterday due to rain, and they have at least 3/4 of day left on the job.  There was question as to how many days it would take to frame this house because they haven't built one in this area in a while.  This crew built it in 5 days but I doubt other crews could have done it this fast.

The framers finished the eves and roof sheathing.  They also finished installing the 2nd floor windows.

Finally, the foyer window, front door and patio door.

They started working on the gable for the fireplace.

Lots of odds and ends inside.

Still need to install the basement casement windows, a few little things inside and our stairs when the show up (Monday?).

We seem to be missing the returns on our roof's eves in a few spots.  Hopefully when the PM does his framing check, he'll catch this and a few other small items.  Overall, the crew did a really good job considering how quickly the were moving. The foreman asked me, "Next time, pick an easier house", (in broken English).  Got a chuckle out of that one...mostly because there won't be a next time.  That was the point.


  1. Wow your home is really coming along quickly by next week its really going to look like home I cant wait to see the interior pictures I bet its really neat in there love the side load garage we got a 3 car side load too really nice!

  2. Monstrous home!! Looks good though :)

  3. Wow, what a home! Love that Highgrove and so happy for you that they are finally on a roll (after the delays).

  4. Thanks everyone. It has certainly exceeded our expectations so far. Can't wait to see it when the sheetrock goes up.