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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 42: Failed Inspections but Scheduled Pre-Drywall

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): Our Gas Line Inspection failed so therefore, so did the framing.

The Gas Line failed due to a technicality (not related to safety or even the concern that there was a leak or possibility of a leak or fire).  This was required before the framing inspection could be completed.  I had watched the gauge hold the pressure and not lose a single PSI for over a week.  The test the plumbers performed actually exceeded the counties standards but was not the proper one for this county so they failed it.  We are at the junction of three counties, so it is confusing for some of the trades.  Some RH developments here span two counties. 

So the domino effect...although the plumbers fixed it on the site...the inspector wouldn't stay and sign it off.  The framing inspector showed up and even though the discrepancy had been fixed, he wouldn't even step foot in the house.  Of course the inspectors are booked tomorrow and so we have to wait until Friday.  My largest concern is that the framing will fail too and we will have to wait until next Monday losing 5 working days.  We are already behind by "MY schedule", this would not be good for the project.

The County Inspector Conspiracy:

Before we broke ground I had went through county inspection results for other homes in the area and noted that most inspections in our county did not pass the first time around.  I had anticipated this and built this into my own version of the construction schedule.  I was of course hoping for the best but am not surprised. 

I feel as if it's the counties way of increasing revenue at our expense.  At this point I would personally cut them a check so they would stop delaying my project.  Each failed inspection has cost me 3 or more days each.  On a 98 day build 12 to 15 of these days or more seem to just be due to county inspections.  RH factors this in and passes the cost to us.  I don't even want to know what RH's the fully burdened rate is and the fact that 1/8 of the schedule (at least for my home) has been inspection delays.  The sad truth is the county makes an extra $60.60 for a re-inspect x 10 inspections or about $600 over and above the nearly $2,000 they charge anyway.  If they want $2,600 to build a house in our county, then they should just charge that.  The issue I have is they are already costing me thousands in pass along costs from RH plus the heartache of possibly not closing on time (or at the time we really need, not the time RH estimated).  I would gladly pay the $600 and call it fact make it an even $1,000 and call it gratuity (or extortion which ever way you look at it).

A look ahead:

If we pass both inspections Friday (June 1st), we will begin insulation over the weekend.

We are going to do our Pre-Drywall meeting Friday (June 1st) no matter what.  I'm not going to be the long pole in the tent.

Sheetrock should be arriving Monday (June 3rd), hopefully followed by a robust workforce to hang it.

I should get status on the masons and when they are going to brick our house tomorrow (Thursday, May 30th).

Final Waterproofing:

This Blue Vapor Barrier runs from the Foundation up over the sill plates, rim
joists and the bottom of the wall sheathing (OSB on the walls).

It raps all the way around and is sealed with tar

Lots of pipes and other Misc eye soars on the side
of my house.  All weather tight though...

Basement bathroom vent...sealed

 Some pics of the outside electrical rough-ins:

Porch lights, outside outlet and door bell wire (would probably like to just
disable this)...


This is a random outside outlet...not even sure what this goes to.
It's nowhere near the AC units or the porch/patio


Grounding wire for the house...

 Sump Pump Drainage:

Our sump pump was off for a few days because the foundation crew
sealed up the extension cord in the foundation and had to cut it.
So we just got another one out there and plugged it back in.
Our own little Lake Erie, I guess.
There is a large drain at the back of our neighbors property and the water is headed directly there.  This gives me some relief that our grading is approximately correct and we aren't going to get water intrusion.  Now it's up to me to mess that up with improperly planned landscaping.


  1. Wow drywall and brick it sounds like you all might run ahead of schedule..and it is good to know that although some things didnt pass inspection they were fixed the tricky part is getting it re inspected in a timely manner..Im sure it will go as planned and you all can move on to drywall we finally walked in our basement yesterday so were getting some slow progress too!

    1. I know it will work out in the end but I could do without the added stress. By the time this is over, I'm going to need those shots you were talking about. I'm sure some sort of sparkly tu-killya (or tequila sp?) product!

    2. I hear ya Jose Cuervo 1800 should do the trick LOL!

  2. I laughed so hard about the gratuity for the County comment,and I'm sorry since I know you weren't laughing. Fingers crossed you pass the rest of your inspections.

    1. Thanks. I was actually laughing. I know I was critical in the post but all I can do is sit, watch and just laugh at this inspection process. It's an absolute joke.

  3. Looks like you have done a lot of research before hand and its helping you stay calm. Very Smart!! I would be all over the place not knowing why we failed!!:-)

    All the best for the future inspections...

    1. Thank you. I'm guessing the gas line will pass but they haven't hit us for a re-inspect fee for the framing yet, so that will probably fail. Although our house has sat for 3 days now with absolutely zero activity. Someone should have been in there with a magnifying glass. I had personally cleaned most of the house preparing for these inspections and our assistant PM said they would take care of the rest. I went by yesterday and it wasn't done and today...still not done. I did not want all the soda cans, water bottles, saw dust Taco Bell wrappers, etc to get sheet rocked into my walls. I've seen them do it and I will not allow this to happen in my house.

  4. The stress of building a house will drive anyone to drink LOL but it somehow all works out and we will all have beautiful homes in the end its just when will the end be! LOL

    1. You're right. I feel that way too but it's still not so fun going through the not so good stuff.