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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 16, 17: Slabs and Framing Bundle

Day 16 (Friday, May 3rd):

Very little going on at the job site today.  Well actually, no work occurred.  The good thing is that the slab inspection was moved up to today and it passed, so they scheduled the concrete pour for the next day, Saturday, May 4th.  The wood package wasn't ready by Friday, as they thought, so they couldn't have started framing anyway.  However, we still look good for schedule.

Also, the footing they had to pour goes to a free standing pier that will be put in place during framing.  This pier will carry another column above, on the main floor at the entrance to the Formal Living Room, which in essence carries Bedroom #3, which will be my little boys room.  I'm OK with getting this one right, don't want that bedroom falling.  Thank you for catching this Mr. Inspector.

"So I thought I might of wanted to do a B&E then half way through I realized I just wanted to do the B part.  Just sort of kick down the door but not actually go in..." - paraphrased from Dane Cook

There was some discussion of having a pole installed in our house... this wasn't what I had in mind.  Well with so little work being accomplished at the site, what else is a girl to do with her time?  Pole dancing of course (j/k, haha)...

Day 17 (Saturday, May 4th):

Poured Slabs:

Standing near Formal Living Room looking toward Kitchen at other end.

At Front Door looking toward Family Room in Back

Garage (I mean Airplane Hangar)

I don't think I will be able to get a set of wings through there...

At Kitchen looking toward Family Room and Study

I was wondering how these guys got out of the basement.  They have a portable hover craft...of course!

Hover Craft

Wood Package Showed Up

The first wood package showed up, so they will begin framing on Monday.  This upcoming week will be whirlwind of activity.  Based on how quickly these guys work, the house will be framed, with windows and doors installed and ready for roof shingles by next Saturday (May 11th).

The second package should arrive either Monday or Tuesday.  It has all the wall panels, which are pretty important.  This could be the only thing that will slow these guys down.  They have the roof trusses and the floor system on site now.  Obviously we won't need the trusses for at least a day or so.

First of many material deliveries...

Floor system, house wrap and more ;-)

Laminated Beam. Thought it looked cool.

Crack in Foundation

The one thing you can count on with concrete is that it will crack.  I'm going to ask the PM next week about the one in the picture below.  I just want to know if we need to worry about it.  With our climate I'm concerned about water getting in there, it freezing, expanding and creating a larger crack.

Crack starts on top...

...and continues down side.


  1. I loved the picture of your wife on the pole and jumping through your window. It is great that you take something kind of boring like concrete and beams and you make it so entertaining. Glad things are moving along, it looks great.

    1. Thanks. I guess this stuff would be boring for someone that wasn't going through this process. Imagine someone saying to you even last year, "Hey honey come check these pictures of these footings..." Not a chance... Many have said it on the blogs... I didn't know I would be so excited about dirt and concrete.

      Anything new on the Permit front?

    2. Still delayed. I might be moving in with you guys if this doesn't get going soon, lol.
      They "estimate" starting sometime in June. We shall see. I have emailed the county to see if they know when they will approve the permit, fingers crossed.

  2. So exciting when recognizable things start showing up--like wood! Shouldn't be long now. :)

    1. I know, I'm hoping to have a framed house by the end of the week. Then when I come around the corner, I see something other than a pile of dirt. It will be nice to stand inside and really see what rooms may look like dimensionally.