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Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 25, 26: Stairs and More Framing

Day 25: Sunday, May 12th, 2013. 

No work.  I'm glad the crew took a day off because they have already started on my neighbors house.

Day 26: Monday, May 13th, 2013.

So if you are keeping track, this is Day 6 of framing (of what looks like a 7 Day job).  They frame most houses in about 3 days.  They didn't work a full day last Friday due to rain and  it's not that they are slow, there are just a bunch of little details in this house.  I think the floor plans they build all the time, they have perfected over the years and eliminated all the "field installed" items.  We also lost most of the crew today to the other house.  No big deal, as long as we don't delay the other trades from coming in.

A look ahead (Over the next week):
- Tuesday (May 14th): Final Framing (i.e. Gable Returns, Basement, Install last set of stairs, etc.).
- Tuesday (May 14th): Roof Material will be on-site (followed shortly by roofers I hope)
- Wednesday (May 15th): HVAC comes in
- Friday (May 17th): Plumbers
- Monday (May 20th): Guardian
- Tuesday (May 21st): Electricians
- Hopefully our Framing and Rough Heat Inspection will occur by Thursday, Friday next week followed by our Pre-Drywall walk-through.  So maybe, Drywall the week of May 27th ;-) just guessing/hoping.

Here are some pictures of the stairs:

Direct Set Stairs Arrived...They are in the Garage Here Waiting to be Installed

Installed...Waterfall Staircase!!

Open Stairwell to Basement &
Beginning of wall on the left.

View from Landing Looking into Foyer & Formal Living Room

View From Landing Looking into Dinette & Kitchen

Here are some pictures of our Master Suite:

Back of Master Suite Looking toward Entry and French Doors

Soaking Tub Pedestal Ready for Tub
Vanities Flank Tub on Either Side

Double Headed Shower w/Seat

Here are some pictures of the kitchen area:

Standing in Dinette Looking into Kitchen
Walk-in Pantry and Laundry on Left Behind Wall

Butler Pantry & Dining Room on Left
Entry Door to Laundry Room and Garage on Right

Staircase coming down on left (stairs not installed yet)
Butler Pantry and Dining Room Entry on Right

Niche in Kitchen on Left
Entry to Walk-in Pantry on Right

Standing just beyond Dinette looking cross back of Family Room into
the Study (on Left), Powder Room (on Right)

Here are some pictures of the pond and gazebo behind our house:

Pond and Fountain Behind our House

View from benches under gazebo (our house under construction)

Walking down the path alongside our property which will connect with
the new park.

This was a random item it seems took them the better part of the day to build.  It looks like a tree house in our rafters.  I'm assuming it is an attic space.  Funny thing is there is nowhere to gain access to it.  With all the roof trusses and framing there isn't a space larger enough to create an access point.  Maybe this is something on their punch list.

Our New Tree House


  1. Love love love the floor plan is really pretty you all picked a great house this was my favorite besides the balmoral. Have fun cleaning that beast it is bigger than any Ryan home I have ever seen they are really doing a great job keeping things on schedule and it must be nice to know whats coming next...they are still clearing our lot Im regretting the 3 acres everyday and trying to cancel the contract Im giving up!

    1. Thank you very much. We were building from plans and not see the inside of this house. Even the few pictures we had, were the right hand floor plan which made it difficult to picture. Seeing it framed really helps to both confirm our choice but give us a sense of this home.

      Although us RH builder's will all have lovely homes, they will pale in comparison to yours. We all had choices and made trade offs. We gave up the ability to customize our home for time. Move in date was more important to us than more cabinet or granite choices. As a family we tried to strike a balance. You had already built a lovely home with a Big Box builder and wanted to truly design every detail of your home. The trade off is time. To get that beautiful of a home built to your every desire, just takes more time. There is no factory out there where they can churn it up and have it built in a few days like us.

      Hang in there. Keep your eyes on the prize, we will all be envious of the home that RH just could never build (Maybe their sister company NV Homes could.).

  2. The "treehouse" is probably the location for your second floor Hvac plant. Ours was supposed to have one too, but in our region they ignore the Hvac plans and instead of installing two units, they just install one and split it into two "zones".

    1. Sounds logical. I'm going to ask the PM after the framers are done.

  3. Love that two person shower!!!! I also appreciate when they add the nooks!! They add character to the space !!

    1. Me too. There is a lot of dead space in this house. They could actually add more of these types of details if they wanted to. I appreciate these though, they put accent lights inside them, so they will make for a nice place to showcase something beautiful.

  4. I love your house. Our dream house was the highgrove! I will live my dreams thru you :)

    1. Thank you. Ours was the Avalon when we first saw it over a year and a half ago. We hadn't even heard of the Highgrove, let alone seen one. When they opened up this new development a few months ago they added the Waverly and Highgrove to their line up. When we worked the numbers, the Highgrove came out better than how we wanted to configure the Avalon (cost per sqft). So Highgrove it was. We were building blind, having never seen one. Now that it is framed, WOW...we couldn't be happier with our choice. The city, community, lot...everything! Now we want to move in and start enjoying it ;-)

  5. Hey! Just started following your blog....Congratulations!! Its gonna be a beautiful house....Looks like everything is coming together already!

    Talking about building blind... we are doing that too( are the first Lincolnshire in our community, actually we did not even see any pictures online or any blog. But we are just shooting with it! ;-)

    1. Thanks for following us. Hopefully we will have some good stuff to look at soon. We are just getting into the HVAC, Mechanicals, Plumbing, Electrical stuff (boring). I'm hoping to be sheet rocking the week after next.

      Looks like you guys are moving along nicely and are right behind us. Good luck, I've added you to my reading list.