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Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 37: Guardian and Still No Electricians

Had today off and went by the house early this morning to meet with Guardian and the Electricians. 

Yeah Guardian!!!  His vehicle looks like a mini-van from this angle.

The PM was there coming up with a solution for the sofit in the basement and looking to see how to finish the ceiling above our basement stairs.

Good News:
The PM is having the HVAC guys come back in and tighten up the two vents that are causing the framing issue.  Basically the way they are now, would cause either an strange series of rectangles on our basement ceiling around the vent lines or we would have to drop the entire ceiling half the basement.  Didn't like either option.  So the HVAC crew has already dropped off material and should be coming in to fix that soon.  They have to re-route these so the framers can finish.  They are working behind us on a Courtland, so hopefully they can send someone over to do the work.

They're going to replace these vents with
metal tubing and hold them closer to the steel beam.

Met with the Guardian installer and walked the house with him and marked all the drops, even the box in the basement.  By the time I left, he was almost done with the job. 

This turned out to be worth while.  The technician had the original set of wiring diagrams I had drawn several months ago.  One issue I have with this process is that they rush you to get these done and in reality there is no rush.  We waited, and waited and waited some more.  All that time could have been spent by us, properly planning our furniture and room layouts.  The other issues I had was I ended up having to make certain assumptions both on the fact that I had never seen this house and that we didn't have the answers back on a Non-Standard Request and a standard feature in the house.  The request was denied and the standard feature I wasn't sure about was included.  This caused me to have to move 2 drops.

Now that I have been working on plans for the basement, I would have loved to make additional changes but I had Guardian locate the cable box in a place I can easily run my own lines or have the cable company do it (without having to drill holes in walls and my wood floors).

Pretty nifty wiring set-up

Cable wire going upstairs and downstairs

You may be able to see the little cable box on the wall over there

Cable box and cable roughed-in

Cable secured in ceiling

I also mentioned the holes in the roof.  The PM had called the roofers yesterday and they are supposed to come out to fix that today.  They are also working behind us on a Courtland, so hopefully they will stop by and knock it out.

These were the holes I was talking about from a
previous post.

I had mentioned all the Gas Lines in my future media room hanging down and below the steel beam.  The PM called them while I was there and asked them to come tighten that up and get it closer to the beam.

Gas lines in center of media room

Over 2' of this wall will have to have a sofit to
cover all this plumbing. Not real happy about that.

Something I didn't mention was that we didn't get the correct door handle on the front door.  I had figured it was a temporary knob... I asked the PM and he confirmed it is a temporary knob.

Temp Door Handle.
We opted for the upgraded handle set pictured below.

The Door Handle we are supposed to get.

We got a shipment of mason's all we need is masons.

That dump truck on the left was getting ready to drop off the sand

The Bad News:
The Electricians didn't show again.  The PM called them in front of me and gave the foreman my name and number to notify me when they will be starting work.  My PM is going out of town with his family this weekend asked me to call him if the Electrician doesn't call me.  I really don't want to bother my PM while he is taking a mini-vacation.

   - Due to all the specific wiring we did in this house, I wanted to make sure it is right the first time.  We added a lot of under cabinet switched outlets and even some above the cabinets for rope lighting.  We added various canned lights throughout the house as well.  Now that the house is built and I can see the space, I have a better idea of where I would like this to go (within code of course).  I would like to walk the house with them before they begin.  Also, I want to ensure we get electrical outlets near my cable outlets.  There is nothing worse than seeing a wire peaking out from behind a piece of furniture.  It just looks so tacky.

    - The Electrician foreman ensured my PM they will be done with our house this weekend, ready for inspection on Tuesday.  So I guess I can't be upset about them not showing up, but they are wasting my time too.  Not that I needed another excuse to go back out to your house.  I've come up with plenty of those already.   ;-) 

Also, the framers showed up and apparently last night they were stopped and had their car towed (with all their tools).  So they will be delayed finishing their work.  They would have been waiting on the HVAC guys anyway, so it shouldn't be that big of a deal but a delay none the less.


  1. Wow, a lot of updates. Hope the electricians follow through and get things done over the weekend!

    1. It's because I actually saw my PM in person. I usually don't bother him and save my questions for when I either see him or when he calls me. That prevents me from asking him things before he has a chance to fix them himself. It's been really hard to sit back and be a spectator of this process. I'm trying to look at this process like a recreational hobby, more than a Project I have to run. I'm used to being in charge, and it's been killing me to be as hands off as possible. I usually only call when it's time - the roofers are on-site and have started roofing...please fix the crooked roof before the put shingles on it.

  2. I love this post. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks for the pictures showing how Guardian run their cabling. If posts could be weighed in gold, this one will be worth something for sure. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I added a few more to Day 37 when I went in to take pictures of the electrical wiring going in. If you need any more pics, just let me know.

  3. Really good job on your PM calling people and getting things done we will not have the same luxury of that but its good to know things are being taken care of in a timely manner.

    1. The sub didn't follow through (par for course) but I was able to show up in time to correct a few items before the electricians installed them. The foreman said he would take care of it either way, so I can't complain and it doesn't look like it will hold us up. I just hate that they have to do re-work. If someone would have called me, it would have saved them work.

  4. I just came across you blog and I cannot wait to watch your progress, I don't know if a lot of bloggers realize the Highgrove is one of the largest RH has to offer, my husband will drowl over your home...LOL..

    Looking forward to progress...


    1. We had followed your blog when we were firs starting the buying process. Thanks for all your posts, they really helped us make all those decisions we had to make early on. Thanks for sharing your story, we really learned a lot from it.