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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 34: Plumbing Day 2

So I was right about how long the plumbing was going to take.  A few weeks ago the plumbing sub had said when it was time to come back and plumb the house, they would be in and out in 1 day.  I saw him after day 1 when the work wasn't completed and asked if he still thought it was a 1 day job.  Well, as it turns out, it's a 3 day job.  They will have to come out tomorrow to finish the water/waste plumbing and our gas lines.  They started those today but have a lot more to do.

The electricians and Guardian have now slid because the plumbers are not complete and part of the reason is also due to the framers. They hadn't finished the framing, moved to another project, then couldn't get in with all the other trades in the way. Now, they are done with the Courtland behind us and have moved on to another project.

My PM said they will be in tomorrow to work off the punch list. Hopefully they start in the basement because that is where the plumbers need them the most. They can't plumb the bathroom because the HVAC guys cut out the top of the shower wall to run their vents.

On the Horizon:
- May 22nd (Wednesday): Framing Punch List
- May 22nd (Wednesday): Finish Plumbing and Gas Lines
- May 23rd (Thursday): Begin Electrical Rough-Ins (Not sure how long this is going to take but it is certainly not 1 Day.  I'm thinking the plumbing in this house was easier than the electrical.  Probably 3 to 4 full days for the electrical...maybe 4 1/2.
- May 24th (Friday): Guardian is supposed to come in. I can see these guys getting waved off if the electricians aren't far enough along.  We'll see.
- May 24th (Friday): I'm hoping our Gas Lines will have passed inspection by this point.  They will be done with them tomorrow and will charge the lines with air and hook up a test set to ensure the pressure doesn't drop (Basically no leaks).

The Gas Line inspection has to be done before we can get our Framing, Rough Heating Inspection (I'm hoping we get this signed off mid-week next week).  This is our Gateway to our Pre-Drywall meeting, followed by insulation and of course drywall.

The water heater was moved downstairs, so hopefully that will be completed tomorrow.

Also, there was some random grading today.  Parts of the back of the house and side was graded.  Our stoop was also filled with gravel.  Again, random but it all looks good and will have to be done at some point.

Hose Bibs:

Location 1, near Garage and Driveway.

Close up of hose spigot.

Hose bib on opposite side of house under Powder Room.
They went to drill this in what was the most convenient spot in the basement
which would have landed right in between our 2 AC units. Luckily I was
walking through right before they drilled the holes.

This is the house spigot from the basement side with a shut off valve

Here are some random Plumbing Pictures:

This may not drain properly

I'm thinking this floor joist didn't serve any real purpose anyway.
I guess I should be just as concerned about the missing elbow.

My overpriced POS Camera again, with a
photographer that can't use it.
This is supposed to be the soaking tub installed!

The 2nd Shower Head and Nozzle...Yeah!!
The plumbers did overlook this because it isn't
on the selection sheet because it is standard.

Laundry Hook Up. I like the height of this.
We want to put a counter above the Washer/Dryer
and I think this height will work.

Future Site of Kitchen Sink

Ice Maker Rough-In. No more Trays...Yeah!!!

Thought this looked cool but is taking a lot of
potential finished basement space. My Media
Room looks like this too... Grrrrr....

Wet Bar Rough-In for Basement Kitchenette

This little Elbow sticks out about an inch
past the wall stud in the laundry room.

Gas Lines Started:

Gas Line coming up from basement to furnace

Gas Line going to 2nd Floor

Gas Line Going to Attic Furnace

This is where they ended up. Still need to run line to
Basement Furnace, Fireplace, Water Heater, and
Cook Top.


  1. Very nice and detailed pictures looks like they are doing a fabulous job on everything so far wow its really going quickly blink and you might miss it!

  2. They are moving right along. Our electricians told us that our house was the biggest job they have ever had it took them over a week to finish! Hope yours move faster then our 2 man team :)

    1. I'm thinking it will take longer than they are expecting. We did add several additional outlets and switches too. I'm just hoping we will be ready for sheetrock next week. Not necessarily starting but inspections and meetings done, sheetrock onsite and ready to go for the following week. My personal Project Network says we need to start by June 3rd to be on track.

  3. "This may not drain properly"