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Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 23: Windows and Eves

Very Little Work Today due to RAIN!!!  GRRRRR....  The house is flooded and there is not a section of sub-floor that is not soaked with a puddle of water.  I'm worried about the house drying out before we get to sheet rock.  We've had mold issues in the past from faulty construction and I don't want a repeat of this.

I'm hoping they come in over the weekend and finish installing all the plywood (OSB) on the roof.  At least this will slow down the water instruction into the house until it gets roofed.

PM said we should have our direct set stairs on Monday.  He was waiting until last minute to ensure the house was under roof before bringing them in.  He was worried about the oak. 

I didn't ask him about when the steel guys were going to come out to finish adding the free standing columns.  For now there are random 2x10's holding up the 2nd Floor in certain areas.

I'll probably get a pulse next week when the framers are done to see what's on the horizon (i.e. roofers, electricians, plumbers, HVAC, etc.).

They started installing the first floor windows and stacked most of the others inside the house to protect them (Except they left the Big Foyer Window laying flat on the ground outside.  The most expensive and certainly most important window in our house, sitting in the mud outside.  Not happy about that.  If it wasn't so heavy, my daughter and I would have moved it ourselves.).

Pictures below.

Those front windows run nearly ceiling to floor...they are beautiful.

They also started framing the eves so they can sheathe the rest of the roof.

This section was sheathed before they left for the day...

Fireplace was framed and a shed roof was built over the dinette bump out.  I didn't get pictures because it was so muddy in the back yard.  Also, they finished putting in the windows in the Family room pictured below and the kitchen.  The only first floor window without a window is 1 of 3 in the Garage.  We're supposed to have our stairs on Monday.  Once we get those, they may slep our windows upstairs and install them.

The Fireplace is supposed to have a gabled roof...PM was on it...will be fixed.


  1. Hire a housekeeper for that massive estate! Its lovely and the windows are beautiful its so nice that you have a PM I wish we had one our builder is fishing so we will see nothing until Monday...Your house is fabulous I really like the family room I had to have a two story family room as well.

    1. AMEN on the hiring someone to clean this house! Haha! When we first looked at this house the first thing I said to my husband was, "Who's going to clean that monster?" He's lost his mind if he thinks it's me, LOL! I am so sorry to hear about all that you are going through with your build but I just know that once they get going you will have tons of new and exciting things to report and we will be right there with you, waiting to hear about all of it. :)

    2. Thank you I needed a little encouragement I really wish I would have gone with Ryan but we wanted a few options that they didnt offer so we figured what the heck lets try a custom builder but these custom guys do what they want when they want it has taken the act of god to keep me out of an orange jumpsuit on the 6 oclock news!

  2. Our house got soaked too, before we were under roof. The seams of the OSB on the floors puckered very slightly in a few spots, but they come back and sand them down before finish flooring. In a perfect world, no water would ever touch any of the untreated lumber during the construction process, but in reality the majority of new homes see some rain before the roof and siding are on.

    I like the idea of the gable roof over the fireplace. Haven't seen that before. Good catch. Gotta stay on top of things. A copy of the plans really comes in handy at this stage of the game...

    1. Thanks for the heads up. We can see this happening on our floors already. The wood has swelled and buckled. I'm trying to take deep breaths and have faith it will be ok in the end.