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Friday, October 2, 2015

Bar Project Series #5: Wine Racks Assembled & Floor Nearly Done

So its been a few months since I've made a post.  Mostly because I was stationed away from my home and just retired in August.  Started new job and finally got my suitcase unpacked and am back on the project.

Finished putting together the wine racks.  Really worried about staining these things... Not going to be fun.  Also put together the second Pub Table and received the rest of our Bar Stools.

Also, installed about 450sqft of flooring.  Only have about 250sqft to go.

Finished the electrical in the bar.  We're going to have a switched outlet for LED Rope Lights in addition to an outlet for a refrigerator and two outlets coming through the back of the cabinets on the inside.  There isn't enough room above the back splash on the bar side for outlets, so I may drill a hole in the counter top so we can run anything we want to plug in through the hole into the cabinet where there will be a couple outlets.

Hung all the drywall on the bar wall, just need to tape and mud it.  May put the bar top on before doing this.  The ultimate plan is to put oak paneling on the front of the bar and stain it but for now it will just be painted the same color as the lower half of the walls.

Purchased two TV's, HD Antennas and Roku's for Bar.  We will have a 60" in a seating area that will be visible from the bar area and a 48" hanging over the bar back.  The HD antennas work great, especially for live events (i.e. sporting events) that you don't want lag time on.  The Roku's stream Netflix, Time Warner Live and on Demand, Hulu, Pandora, etc.  Still have to add an electrical outlet behind both TV locations so you don't see wires hanging down.

Finally, we hired some painters to come in and caulk the chair rail and paint the lower half of the walls, chair rail, baseboards, casing and doors.  They have already done all the wall repairs and caulked the chair rail, they just need to come back and do the painting.  Will update pics when it is done.

Here are some pictures of the progress so far.

Majority of Flooring Installed in Bar Area

Just need to finish the flooring behind the bar

Spare Bedroom Door and Bathroom Door

Wine Racks Assembled and Started Hanging Sheet Rock on Bar Wall

Second Pub Table and you can see the TV on the wall

That is an example of our Bar Stools

TV Hung and Roku Working

You can also see the repairs the painters have made

Electrical Done. I know this looks weird but the outlets on the outside
needed to land above the shelf in the cabinets that will go here.

This will be the switched outlet for the LED rope lights.

Sheet rock hung on inside of bar wall

2 cabinets and an under counter refrigerator will go here.

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