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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bar Project Series #6: Started Painting Bar and Installing Cabinets

So progress is slow but steady.  Was hoping to get bar done by Winter and I think it is still possible.  We had our first frost this morning and it has started dropping into the mid 40's but there is still time.  I do have a week of travel this month and next that will get in the way but we will set the goal for before the new year (cross your fingers!).  Maybe we can throw a New Years party!

We had some painters come in and paint the 2 story areas in our house (pictures will be posted soon).  We just didn't have the equipment to get up there.  While I had them quote the spaces, I went ahead and asked them to give me a price on painting parts of the bar.  This was mostly in efforts to meet my self imposed deadline.  After a little negotiation we agreed on a reasonable price.  So they painted from the chair rail down and all the doors, casings and baseboards.  We will still need to do the Faux paint process above the chair rail and eventually do something with the ceiling but it is already starting to look more like a bar and less like an empty rec room.

We also decided last minute to have them paint the bathroom down there too.  It looks great and we already picked up some decor for it.  Still need to hang it, I'll post pics when it is done.

Here are some pictures of the progress so far.

Cutting in on Stairs

Bottom of stairs looking into Media Room
First coat on trim

Bottom of stairs looking to the right with Media Room door on left
Future site of card table

Will need to change out all the outlets and switches
Also need to add an outlet behind the TV

This is Sherwin Williams Turkish Coffee in Duration Matte

Stairwell done

Entrance to Media Room straight ahead and
Exercise Room on the left

Game/Card Table Area

Still need to take out carpet and finish the floor in this area
Was trying to get the actual bar area done

Still going to add molding on the bottom of the chair rail to create a
raised paneling effect.  Just wanted to get the bar functional before
doing all this finish work.  We also need to replace all the baseboards
because they were damaged when our sump pump failed

Still need to close up that area on the back wall
You can also see that we started taping and mudding the bar wall
It will eventually be wrapped in oak but will be painted for now

Started mounting cabinets

Still need to do all the electrical on this wall for the Dishwasher, TV, Under/Over
cabinet lights and for the lights that will go in the bridge that will span
in between the 2 upper cabinets

The "Ready to Stain" cabinets do not come in 42" heights, so I just got a 30"
cabinet and a 12" cabinet.
Going to build a bridge over the top with Crown Molding

Bar bathroom painted in Sherwin Williams Crabby Apple
Also, will either replace vanity or get the Rustoleum
product that lets you refinish them in a darker color.
We also may replace the counter top and either get
a frame for the mirror or replace that too.

Going to put a shower curtain across here to block the
view of the shower...

Will probably do something with the ceiling in here when we do the bar.
Just don't' like the Bright White textured ceiling in this space.


  1. Wow you are really making some serious progress. Cant wait to see the bar and I think I will use a lot of your ideas.
    Where are you getting the wood wrap around for the bar ??

    1. Thanks, it's been a lot of work but also a lot of fun and our family is really enjoying the new spaces. I got all the bar wood from Hardwoods Inc out of Maryland. They specialize in wood for both commercial and residential bars.

  2. Inspiring!!! You all are doing a terrific job. It's nice to see people still posting the progress on their homes. I am enjoying coming back to see the progress.
    we have a new blog address

    1. Thank you so much. We have found that the blog is just as much for us as it is for others. It really helps to have an organized way to get to pictures when out shopping for accessories, furniture, paint colors, etc. Also, for friends and family that haven't seen the home. We are really looking forward to seeing your Toll Brothers home come to life. We have always loved their designs. They are definitely the trend setters in the industry.

    2. Thank you for the generous compliment. We just went to the Design Center yesterday and I plan to post the options. We did not get the basement finished and plan to do it ourselves such as yourselves. I can't wait to use our own ideas and not stuck in a box with the builder. I really love how your basement evolved.