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Friday, February 26, 2016

Bar Project Series #7: Bar Bathroom Decor & Update

A while back we made a post about painting part of the bar, the bathroom and setting a goal to be done with this project.  Well the bathroom d├ęcor was completed for the most part (Pics Below) but other progress has been slow.  Of course life tends to get in the way.  Still adjusting to retirement and new career.  We also had season tickets to our home town NFL football team which took up half our weekend and took a much needed vacation to Hawaii.  So, priorities... haha. We are back on the project and have made some pretty good progress.  The next post will highlight some of the progress we have made with electrical and lighting.

Things to do in bar bathroom:
- Finish installing flooring from bar into bathroom
- Swap out light switches, GFCI and plates for black ones
- Refinish or replace vanity base cabinet for a darker on
- Replace vanity mirror or purchase molding kit to go around it
- Possibly replace counter top with granite or other natural material
- Install and paint crown molding

Would like to refinish or replace that vanity and counter top

GFCI and plate needs to be replaced with a black one

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