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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Belated Closing Announcement and All Moved In

Apparently there is something at the end of the Rainbow...
it's a set of RH keys to your new house. :)
We closed on Friday, July 26th.  In true NVR fashion, we showed up to the settlement office and our paperwork was not there.  It was supposed to be in during the 830 UPS run but hadn't showed up yet.  So we sat in an empty room and waited.  45 minutes later the rep returned to tell us it had arrived at RH's office.  So this put us about an hour past our original plan but once we started going through the paperwork, it went pretty quick...I think less than 30 minutes.

We had a U-Haul truck parked in front of the new house that we had loaded the day before and the Circus music began.  Counting Thursday, July 25th, it ended up taking us 6 days to completely move out of our old house and have it ready for the Property Manager to walk-thru... and that is with a lot of help from friends and family from out of town.  There is just no way we could have pulled this move off without their help.  In the blur of the activities that occurred over those few days, I don't think I was able to properly thank them...something I will certainly have to correct.

Moving as often as we do, we are typically a 1 1/2 to 2 - 24ft Budget Truck family (1.5 ABF trailers for the move before this one).  Apparently we are now a 2 1/2 26ft U-Haul family.  If I didn't know it before...I'm am getting too old for this moving business.  Thus building the "for ever" house.  We are done, and this last move confirmed that for me.

Still living amongst boxes in various spaces but we have all the essentials taken care of.

The House:
I keep getting this feeling that the rich people we are house sitting for are going to come home and ask us to get out of their home... this home is so beautiful in so many ways, it is hard to believe it is ours.  Initially I was waiting for a Wow moment but we were so involved in the build process that the home looked very familiar at closing.  It took getting our stuff in the house (new and old), and starting to live in it to have those distinct moments.  They may be brief feelings of euphoria some would call it sheer happiness.  Coming down the stairs in the morning and catching the sun coming up through the foyer windows or sitting in the study and watching the sun set in the evening.  Walking through the house at night with only the under cabinet lights and our rope lights in our bedroom.  I'm discovering new things everyday that I just love about this house...which is odd because I was there during every step of the building process.

To say that we are completely happy with our new home would be an absolute understatement.  This may be the nicest home I have ever been in, let alone lived in.

OBTW... we have already done some small DIY projects and had some installations done.  I'll make a separate post about these... for now, please see the pictures below of our new home.

Looking from Dining Room into Living Room

Our New Lazy Boy Furniture

Oh and Pier 1 and Home Goods is your friend

Not sure if you have figured it our but this is one of our favorite rooms
in the house...

New dining room set.  Needs some steps.

Old Vents. This is a 10" vent.

New vents. Home depot between $14-16 depending on size. This is a 12".

Family room with old furniture in it. Need something on that huge wall.

Still working on this room as well.

Pier 1 dinette set. Turned out to fit perfect in this space.

Laundry room. Washer/Dryer just barely fit with stands on them and the
extra laundry cabinets.

New GE Profile refrigerator.

Looking for something to put in this vase. Can't seem to find the right
combination of flowers, etc.

Old bedroom set. We need a bench seat at the end of the bed and some
sort of table in between the chairs. I sort of want a rug too.

We added some hand towel hooks.

Not a lot of room in the study but there is room for a computer and chair.
In our last house, the computer shared space with the dinette.

Shows rope lighting.

Love the under cabinet lighting at night...


  1. Can I move in!?! Jk. Everything is sooooo beatiful! Congratulations!

  2. Your house is absolutely stunning! It was fun watching your building process and your very thorough blog. Congratulations!!!

  3. Stunning is the exact word that came to my mind. I love my house, but your house is a dream.

  4.! Its so beautiful. And you already got so much done!Very impressive. Congratulations!

    Can't wait to hear about the DIY stuff. Keep it coming...

  5. I am amazed at how lived in your house looks. It hasn't been that long and you look unpacked and all moved in. I am thrilled you love your new home. Congrats again, can't wait to get to the same point.

  6. Amazing! Your house is absolutely gorgeous! I'm in love with you living room furniture/set up. Also where did you get that desk in your study? I've been looking for something like that.

    1. We had a tough time finding something under $2,500 that could actually be used as a desk. This one can be found at Office Depot. It's made by Sauder. The Padilla collection, I think.

  7. Holy WOW, your right, your like a rock star up in there!! The columns are the new vents!

    A Highgrove is my hubby's favorite RH home :)

  8. WOW! That is amazing! Beautiful home and beautiful furniture! I LOVE your floors!

  9. Looks great! And now I feel shame because we are still more or less living out of boxes... That living room is stunning. I can see why it's your favorite room!

  10. Your kitchen is beautiful! I have that same fruit stand (Home Goods)! I feel like I need to paint my kitchen in order to make my cabinets "pop". I have been going back and forth on hardware. We cannot decide whether we are going to go with oil rubbed bronze or brushed nickel. We are having a deck built. Check it out:

  11. hi i just found your blog since i been research highgrove models and Ryan homes. seems like you been in your home for a few months now. are you still happy with the model and Ryan homes? please share how its going. thanks