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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Building a Bedroom Part 2

Last night (Friday, Aug 16, 2013):
We finished installing all the sheet rock screws (all but about 12 in the ceiling because we ran out).

Today (Saturday, Aug 17, 2013):
A fairly full day today... We taped and applied the first coat of mud to all the drywall joints.  We also applied the first of two coats to all the screw holes (except those that will be covered up by corner bead). 

The compound wasn't drying very fast due to the humidity...and the fact that I may have put it on a bit thicker than I would have liked.  The compound comes ready mixed but for the first coat, I would have liked it to be a bit thinner.  It's a bit messier this way but easier to work with and doesn't build up as much.  It does require you to put on more coats but it dries faster.

Seeing how we can't find anything in the garage, we didn't know where the mixer was to add water and thin it out.  Didn't want to stop everything to run out and buy another mixer, so we went with what we had.  In the end, it will look the same but it will require a bit of sanding before we can add the next coat.

So what's left:
- Finish installing sheet rock screws (12 more required in the ceiling)
- Apply 2 to 4 more coats of drywall compound to joints
- Add 2nd coat of compound to screw holes
- Install Inside and Outside Drywall Corner Bead
- Texture ceiling
- Install closet door (Can't seem to find the ones RH uses without special ordering) and handle
- Install New Flush Mount Lights (Already purchased, will install after texturing ceiling)
- Prime walls
- Paint walls (Thinking about 10-12" Vertical Strips in Gray. Alternating between Eggshell and Semi-Gloss).
- Install Door Trim and Baseboards
- Install Trim and Sill around Window
- Install Blinds
- Install Tac Strips and Padding for Carpet
- Install carpet (not sure yet if we are going to do this or not... we found carpet at Menard's for $1.19 - $1.49 sqft for what we have in our basement now)

Starting to look like something...

Rough in for Smoke Detector

We started in the closet and after 7 hours
it is still wet. See the dark spots on the joints.


  1. Can you come to NC and show me how to do this? lol...It looks good and I'm excited to see how the stripes come out.

  2. Wow, I am impressed with everything you have done so far to you new home. Our final walk through is on Friday and I can't wait to move in. Thank you for posting these pictures. my dad is coming out in a couple weeks to frame out part of the basement and he wanted to see how to do the walls.

    1. I can provide more details if you would like them. Lessons learned and such.

    2. That would be much appreciated. Email me at
      Thank you so much.

    3. I just made a more detailed post about the framing experience. I may post more about the rest too.

  3. Nice looking room. I always plan on at least a day drying time. Unless you get the fast drying mud that you have to mix your self.

    1. Thanks Scott. All your handiwork I assure you. I was expecting at least 6-8 hours dry time and after 7 hours it was still wet. No big deal because it was quitting time. We hope to get back at tomorrow. Bought some more material and tools today.

  4. Looking VERY NICE! You guys ROCK! I love how you are tackling these projects!!

    1. Thanks. I don't mind doing everything but the drywall mudding. Building the walls, painting, doing trim, all hard work but manageable...mudding is just the pits. In the end, my oldest will have a private sanctuary. :)