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Friday, March 29, 2013

Building Permits Applied For

Our county has an eBusiness site that allows you to check the status of permits and inspections (ie Date Scheduled, Cancelled, Completed, Pass, Fail and any notes).  So RH requested the general construction permit for our single family dwelling with HVAC yesterday.

Looking at other permits in our neighborhood, the county seems to be like clock work.  Here is what I think the schedule will look like:

3/28 - Permit requested
4/3 - Already scheduled Pre-Con Meeting
4/4 - Plans review scheduled by County
4/8 or 9 - Plans review complete
4/9 or 10 - Permit issued
4/10 or 11 - Permit picked up by RH

4/15 - Already scheduled to begin construction

So it looks like we are on track (don't say that out loud...).

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