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Friday, March 8, 2013

False Alarm

SR got back to me on what I thought was a construction driveway and the PM says this is actually a Concrete Washout area for construction going on throughout the development.  Two thoughts on this.  1.) we are going to have the neighborhood construction workers dumping debris right next to my drive way until they have finished building out the development.  2.) The only RH home currently under construction is on the other side of the development which makes me suspect that this is for the entire development and not just the 3 lots (including mine) adjacent to this patch of gravel that have been sold and are awaiting construction start dates.

Did find out that another couple purchased a lot in our development.  RH frequently takes over from other developers and ours is an example of that.  All the home sites were a little larger than their regular development up the street where the model is.  The original developer was putting Custom Homes on the lots and they've been built by many different builders which gives the neighborhood a very nice look.

There were only 33 original lots and 11 of them have custom homes on them now.  RH is going to develop the other 22 lots.  They just opened the development in January and have sold 6 of the lots and have begun construction on 1 of them.  We're hoping to be the 2nd. ;-) Fingers crossed.

So in our development we have:
1 - Highgrove (Our Home)
2 - Avalon's
2 - Courtland Gates
1 - Jefferson Square (This is the smallest floor plan they will build in this development.  The minimum above ground square footage is 2,800sqft.  This model has to built with the Morning Room to even qualify.)

RH is also advertising the following homes for this development:
- Waverly I really hope they build at least one of these in our development.  I would like to see one.
- Balmoral They aren't advertising this one but there was some talk of offering it.  Mostly to upset me.

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