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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pre-Construction Meeting Scheduled

Scheduled our Pre-Con meeting today for Wednesday, April 3rd.  It's not quite a Milestone, more like an Inchstone but it's nice to have some progress toward building something.


  1. How exciting. We are in the same boat as you guys. The waiting is killing us. We signed our contract first of Jan. and the streets are just going it this week. Looks like they will start on our home the end of April beginning of May since we are third in line to build. For the next month or so I need to find something to pass the time. Looking forward to the progress on your home.

  2. Glad to see things are moving along for you. I could almost cope with the fact that the development wasn't ready for construction. The thing that kills me is the delays are more due administrative processes. Over 50% of the lead time is paper pushing. Part of what I do for a living is lead/conduct events to improve all sorts of processes (manufacturing, repair and oh yes administrative). What I wouldn't give to get a hold of RH's processes (More specifically NVRM's first).

    Looking forward to seeing your home come alive as well. Congratulations and good luck.

  3. This is the longest part of the whole process, I think. You get all excited picking things out, and then it drags on until the pre-construction meeting. We had our meeting a week ago today, and today the lot was cleared and readied to get going! Hoping we have a big old hole dug before the weekend. Congrats-- looking forward to following your progress! (We're building an Avalon in Virginia.)

    1. This process has certainly helped us learn some things about ourselves. If we were young that might not surprise me but I feel I'm too old to be learning new it is can teach old dogs new tricks.

      What I've found out is that I don't like to wait. Which I think I already knew to an extent but I had not idea!!!!! As I sit here and reflect on this phenomenon I realized, I will go hungry before waiting in line for food. I will go broke before waiting in line at the bank or ATM. I have left a shopping cart in the grocery store because the line was too long (Possibly more than once. Lessons learned now. If the lines are long when you walk in, they will probably be long when you are done shopping. So leave and come back later.). I will pay more for goods just so I don't have to wait in line (I won't even walk into Wal-Mart and I won't leave the house on Black Friday. I don't care what they are giving away!). So looking back over the past few months...I do agree, this is the longest and worst part.

      I think if RH had an Option to bypass the admin and just start building... I would have paid it. I would have went without granite countertops to have shaved off 60 days from this process and I really do not like formaica. Watch next month they will start offering an express concierge option.

      OBTW, I love the Avalon and can't wait to see your house being built. It's a great floor plan. The first one I walked into sold me. The Master Suite that extends over the 3 Car Side Entry is amazing. That is probably the only thing I'm not crazy about in the Highgrove. The Master Bedroom w/out the sitting area is just OK. There are smaller less grand RH floor plans that have nicer master suites. Somehow I think we will survive though ;-)

    2. Thanks! I was looking at the Highgrove floorplan and admiring the size of the bedrooms. We are building a bit blind, since there are no Avalon models nearby that we could have visited. We saw two under construction, and one nice homeowner in our development lets people walk through her finished Avalon (with an appointment!), but none of the ones we saw had all the options we chose. So we are going forward on faith and imagination! I do wish that the Avalon bedrooms were a bit bigger (not the master, since we will be able to play regulation handball in our new bedroom), but since we have a teen and about to be teen boy, we took a chance. Our boys are never in their rooms anyway, preferring to be outside playing ball or on the Xbox together.

      Waiting is hard, I agree. And I, too, will happily pay more rather than fight crowds or stand in endless, pointless lines. I would not have done well in Soviet-era Russia. Stand in line for an hour for one potato? No thanks, I'll just ferment more vodka in my bathtub to soothe the hunger pangs. I wish that they had given us a better timeline, with estimated space between events. So many things--exciting things-- happened at the beginning, that it was almost agony to sit and sit with nothing happening. Now that we are seeing the process get going, it's taking some of the sting out.

      The pre-construction meeting was really neat. So far, it was my favorite part of the whole thing. Looking forward to learning how yours goes!