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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Flooring Close Call

OK, not that kind of close call but...

We submitted our Production Release last week and Ryan decided to stop putting the hardwood we selected in homes with basements. I guess they float the engineered wood instead of nailing it down. With the OSB sub-floor they were having a lot of splintering and buckling issues.

This change in policy is a big problem because the cream cabinets we chose do not look good with lighter floors (unless you like a more country look, which is not what we were going for), which was all that was left in our budgeted price. After peeling me off the ceiling, our flooring rep said she could do the next level flooring for the same price.  We had originally liked another floor but went down to save money.  Due to this change of events, we decided to add the flooring in the formal Dining and Living room as well.  The logic before was that if we put in a cheaper floor and they float it, then we could just pull it up and run actual hardwoods throughout the entire first floor when we were ready to spend more.  Now by having nailed down 3/4" hardwood... trying to add more later would be very difficult to match.  Oh, and we certainly wouldn't want to rip up a floor rated to last at least 25 years.  This is going to cost us money now but save us in the long run.

Aside from that, finally a price difference that landed on our side instead of theirs.  Score!  I'm sure their is an expense right around the corner that will eat up the difference.

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