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Monday, February 25, 2013

New Granite Choices

Our SR called to inform us they got in new granite samples to choose from and it was not too late to switch.  We were originally going with Desert Brown but they are now able to get Santa Cecilia for the same price...Score!  I'm really happy about this change and I think the kitchen is going to look beautiful with this color.

Here are a few pictures of an Avalon with Cream Cabinets and Santa Cecilia Granite.  It may be hard to tell in these pictures but these are not the Butterscotch Glaze they are a Non-Standard Hazlenut Glaze.  They have a little more depth and texture.  Our floors will not be this red, they will be more of a dark brown.

Santa Cecilia on Cream Hazlenut Glaze Cabinets

Great looking kitchen but definitely needs some contrasting color on the walls


  1. LOL, and I switched my granite to Santa Cecilia also after having picked one a few months prior.

    1. We were so happy when we got the call that they had new choices. We were really settling on what we had picked out. It was really a matter of picking the Best of the Worst. They just had such a poor selection (which every SR in the region knew). They were a bit slow to come around but I'm glad they did.