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Thursday, February 21, 2013

If Your Crawling Backward Are You Still Making Progress

Called NVRM again yesterday and guess what, they missed "their own" deadline again!  Still haven't submitted our file to underwriting.  Having been a Project Manager for most of my career, this really, really, really upsets me.  Say what you are going to do, and do what you say! 

I can forgive schedule slips due to good reasons.  I cannot forgive continued schedule slips due to excuses, poor time management and incompetence.  There are a lot of competent people out there looking for work...Why does it seem like the incompetent ones get hired while the competent ones do not?

Called our SR, which is always a pleasure to work with.  The one person in this RH equation that actually has to go out and work for their business...and ultimately pick up the pieces to satisfy the customer.  She assured me we are still making progress...which brings me to the title of this blog.  They were quoting a June, July delivery when we signed our Purchase Agreement.  We were really worried about the July becoming really August.  We have to be out of our current residence by the end of July.  August is not an option.  We did our homework up front so did our Production Release at the same time we signed our Purchase Agreement.  No wasted time.  Even by doing that, they are thinking a possible mid-July closing.  If we would not have followed our instincts, we would have most definitely slid into August.

The really frustrating thing with NVRM is that we signed loan docs Mid-January, thinking that is plenty of time to process a loan and keep us on track for a July move.  There has been no speed bumps for them.  No crazy curve balls or offshore accounts...just a garden variety loan app.  What was a May, June delivery became a June, July delivery and is now possibly a July, August delivery.

As many homes as RH sells, their Corporate Office must be getting the survey data but is doing nothing about it; as evidenced by the string of Blogs.  What will it take to finally get their attention and for them to fix this problem?

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