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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bar Project Series #14: Primed and Painted Bar Wall and other Misc

Although the spackling, caulking and painting can be a bit of a pain, it is a signal that we are moving out of the construction phase and moving into the finishing phase.

Items Accomplished:
 - Added quarter round between bar wall and bar top to cover the gap
 - Spackled and caulked quarter round
 - Spackled all the trim on front of bar wall
 - Caulked all the trim on front of bar wall
 - Touched up drywall mud (will probably need to touch up some more pin holes later... but it's good enough from 10ft away... haha)
 - Primed bar wall and trim inside and out
 - Installed junction boxes inside stub wall cabinets
 - Painted bar wall and trim inside and out (Haven't installed inside bar wall baseboard yet)
 - Sanded, prepped and stained under bar top (Just above stub wall cabinet)
 - Leveled and mounted stub wall lower cabinets
 - Cut stub wall counter top to fit wall
 - Attached build up blocks to counter top for mounting and laminate end caps (still need to attach laminate and file to fit)
 - Hooked up electrical for stub wall
 - Filled holes in bar top with wood putty (Still need to sand and touch-up)
 - Had to Epoxy the Handle back on the Refrigerator. It must have gotten damaged in shipping... but I've had the unit for a while and didn't see an easy way to get a new handle because it was tack welded on.
 - Set, siliconed and secured Sink and Faucet
 - Built all water supply lines (just need to hook up to water supply)
 - Set, puttied and secured sink strainer

Added quarter round between bar wall and bar top

Outside Bar Wall Spackled, Caulked and Primed

Kind of looks good White

Inside bar wall primed

Cutting In

First Coat Done

First Coat Inside Bar Wall

Stained Under Part of Bar Top
Had to do this before setting stub wall cabinets
and counter top

Testing stain on back of one of the drawer faces.
This is after 1 Coat (of 2) and doesn't have the
satin Poly on it. I also didn't use the
 pre-stain conditioner...

Cabinet outlets installed

Other cabinet

Gluing Build Up Blocks on Cabinet

Water lines built. Dishwasher lines routed and read to install

Beer Fridge Installed and Ready to be Stocked!!!


  1. Wow, you all are amazing! The bar is awesome! I love how the bar is raised on the contrasting wood. Such a beautiful personal touch!

  2. Thanks so much. It's definitely coming together. It's been quite a journey for sure.